Brunette girl wearing a black tie dye dress.
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Black Tie Dye Dress

This black tie dye dress is prefect for the Burbank Museum day out. It’s a retro look that is still modern and hip looking.

Girl in a black and white dress standing in a gate's entryway.Black Tie Dye Dress

Location: Burbank, California – Date: May 28, 2016

Outfit details: Vestique Dress,  Leather Oroton Bag, Primark Boots, Primark Socks, Jewelry – Vintage Jewelry Lane.

A girl in a black tie dye dress wearing brown boots.

Guyssssss. I have a confession to make. I’ve found a new favorite hobby – taking day trips!  I used to feel that if you couldn’t take several days to travel, it just couldn’t happen.  Well that was silly!

After looking through Instagram (mine’s @JessSpeake) and poking my boyfriend after every travel photo asking “can we go here?” we finally decided to take a quick-mini-day trip within California.  

We looked on the “Visit Burbank” website (I’m pretty sure most cities have a website similar to this) and we found the Burbank Aviation Museum.  Once I saw the photos I was sold!  And I obviously had to snap some of my own as well!

An archway named Portal of the Folded Wings.

An old archway called "Portal of the Folded Wings" with a model plane in front of it.

A model of a rocket-ship surrounded by shrubbery.

A girl in a tie dye dress holding a brown leather purse.

It was such a fun day!  The sky was really cloudy, so it was a little chilly outside.  I slipped on some of my knee high socks and boots and was ready to go exploring!

A closeup shot of a girl wearing knee high black socks with bows and brown leather boots.

I got these socks (with the most darling bows ever) in the UK.  I studied abroad in there for a while when I was in college and loved, loved, LOVED it.

I was able to travel every weekend when I didn’t have classes, and fell in love with exploring somewhere new every week.  It’s definitely where I caught this travel bug!

A girl with brown hair and gold jewelry.

Now that I’ve been graduated for a while I’ve found that I don’t have the extra expendable income to be globe-trotting every weekend.

Plus, between the blog and my day job, I’m working all the time. I’m sure you can relate – it seems like there’s never enough hours in a day!!  Then I realized I was being a little bit silly.  

While I don’t have the money to run off to exotic locations every week, I have been trying hard to find little ways to incorporate travel into my life.  Hence this day trip!

An arch called the portal of the folded wings.

I am a firm believer that you don’t have to go outside the country to travel and explore something wonderful.  When we got to the Aviation Museum (which is also called the Portal of the Folded Wings) that fact was clear.  It was just beautiful.

A closeup of the text on the portal of the folded wings, a shrine to aviation.

A detail shot of the design of the molding on an archway.

The architecture was stunning!  I couldn’t stop looking up at all of the intricate detail work!

A girl wearing a black and white dress looking up at the her surroundings.

There was a beautiful gated entryway that served as a great spot to take in the view, and also snap a few photos!

An open gate leading in to a monument.

A girl with brown hair wearing gold necklaces and a dress.

A brunette girl wearing a black and grey dress with brown accessories.

A brunette girl wearing brown boot and a black dress.

Then when a big gust of wind came by and decided to give me a Marilyn Monroe moment, we decided to move more inside!

A girl holding down her dress on a windy day.

We found an absolutely GORGEOUS teal door that I couldn’t stop marveling over!  It was a great place to snap a couple of photos.

A girl in a black dress with a brown purse and brown boots.

A brunette girl with green eyes in front of a green door.

A brunette girl pushing her hair behind her shoulder.

Then I realized that everywhere I looked held something beautiful!  So we went back outside when we thought the wind had died down and got another look at the exterior of the Aviation Museum.  This time we went out back and saw a pretty little seating area with some gorgeous flowers!

A single pink rose on a rose bush.

A girl on a bench holding a brown leather purse.A detail shot of the purse on a woman's lap and her hands.

A girl sitting on a bench wearing a black tie dye dress.

Then when it started to get windy again, we took one look back around the front and decided to head out.  It was such a fun day, and I’m glad we took the time to explore and document our adventure!

A brunette girl looking down at the purse on her lap.

When we walked back towards our car we took one more look at the plane in front and the plaques commemorating the pioneers of flight.  

One thing I noticed when I traveled outside of outside of the US, is that all of the towns have such a rich historical life.  Sometimes I forget we have so much history here too!  It was nice to be reminded of that today!

A rocket ship monument surrounded by bushes.

A plaque commemorating the shrine of American aviation.

A closeup of the plaque of the portal of the folded wings.The side of a building with decorative molding.

You know what the funny thing was?  We drove back to my apartment a different way than I normally go and we saw this train running alongside the car!  That’s the thing about traveling, once you start, you can’t stop – and you see it everywhere you go!

An amtrack train moving along its tracks.

I challenge you guys to go out and have a day (or half day!) trip somewhere in your own city!  Let me know in the comments what your favorite day trip idea is – I’d love to hear all about it!

A brunette girl sitting, wearing a black and white tie dye dress.

Outfit details: Vestique Dress, Leather Oroton Bag, Primark Boots, Primark Socks, Most of the Jewelry – Vintage Jewelry Lane.

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