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Chopping Veggies – 5 Ways to Make the Task Easier

Do you love cooking with fresh veggies but think they’re a pain to prepare? Check out my article talking about 5 ways to make chopping veggies easier!

5 ways to make chopping veggies easier!

I love cooking with fresh veggies but sometimes they’re a pain in the butt to prepare.  I’ll be honest!  I really I wish I had a magical fairy godmother that would come and wave her magic wand and make the time consuming kitchen tasks disappear!!  

Obviously I don’t have a fairy godmother (please share your secret if you do!), so I have the next best thing.  

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5 Ways to Make chopping veggies easier

I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to make chopping veggies easier.  Now, I will say, you don’t need to have any of these items in your kitchen to function.  No one will judge you if you don’t have them, BUT they do make life SO much easier!

Mandolin and blades

A Mandolin.  

I’m starting the list with a new love of mine.  I recently bought a mandolin and I love it!  It’s great for slicing veggies for salads, and it has a bunch of different blades, so it can do everything from thick slices of cucumbers to grating cheese really finely.  

It also has a clear tray that’s really nice for showing how much you’ve chopped so you don’t go crazy over chopping!  

5 tools for chopping veggies - a food processor

A Food Processor.  

I love food processors for making smooth sauces like pestos and hummus (check out my Avocado Pesto to see an example of what a food processor can really do!).  

However, they are not just for sauces and dips!  They also have blades to slice veggies.  I think I would only pull this out for big batches though, since it’s a little harder to clean than something small like a mandolin.  

But if you want to make a coarsely chopped dip or pesto, the food processor is the way to go!

magic bullet

A Magic Bullet.  

My new roommate has a magic bullet and I see him using it ALL the time.  He loves to make smoothies, but he also told me it’s great for chopping just a few veggies (it has a rather small attachment so it’s not good for big batches).

I’d definitely use this to make a veggie smoothie.  It’s good because it yields just the right amount!

set of sharp knives

A Set of Great Knives.  

This is one of my biggest kitchen tips.  I think everyone should have a  set of good knives that’s really interested in cooking.  And ONE good knife is not enough.  

Each knife has a specific use and having a set of them will help you quickly, safely and properly chop up your veggies.  

There was a stretch of time where I did knife demonstrations and sold Cutco knives so I may be a little biased, but I do think it’s so helpful to have a complete set!

specialty kitchen tools

A Few Specialty Tools.  

This is sort of like the “junk drawer” number of the list, but it definitely needs to be mentioned!  Having a few specialty tools in your arsenal of veggie chopping weaponry goes a long way.

Peeling a potato with a paring knife?  Well…It’s definitely do-able, but  using a peeler is so much easier.  Smashing garlic with a knife and chopping?  Sure, but it would be quick and easy to use a garlic press!

Do you have any favorite chopping tools?  Please list them in the comments if you do!  I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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