DIY Candy Corn Piñata  - Jess Explains It All
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DIY Candy Corn Piñata

DIY Candy Corn Piñata  - <a href="" target="_blank">Jess Explains It All</a>
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With this easy DIY Candy Corn Piñata, you will be the coolest adult ever to all the little kids!  Heck, I think you’ll be the coolest adult ever to all the big kids too.  I know I’d make a fuss over this neat DIY project!  It’s simple, fun and quick.  So really, what have you got to lose?  Get started crafting friends!


For the full directions to make this DIY Candy Corn Piñata, please visit

If you like this festive DIY craft, then you’ll love this recipe for a Candy Corn Cheesecake!  It’s delicious and you can serve at your party with your new DIY Candy Corn Piñata!!

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