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Easy Fall DIY Projects – Bring on the Colors of Autumn!

These easy fall DIY projects are full of the colors and themes of autumn. Most are simple to put together and require just a few supplies.Easy fall DIY projects

I love to have art around the house in the fall.  Back when I was growing up, we’d always be making some sort of artistic project, either in class or at home.  This fall I was yearning to have some of that art, so I went looking for easy projects to do.  

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Try your hand at these Easy DIY Fall Projects

I’m definitely not a great artist, so things have to be easy for me to create them.  I’ve found a few that are simple, but also cute!

chicks and leaf trees

How cute is this fall art?  It could be made in just minutes. All you need are two leaves, a branch, two flat back stones and some glue and a marker.

Just attache the branch to a piece of cream colored hard stock paper. Hot glue two fall leaves to act as trees and add the flat back stones with hot glue just above the branch.  A could of markings with the marker for beaks and legs and you are done.  

This would be a very fun project to do with kids.



Looking at this dotted tree picture I was pretty sure I could recreate it.  I went to find the instructions, and saw that all they were in Italian!!  The site has great detailed pictures though, so I’m sure you can figure out how to do it.

(Plus they had picture of children doing this craft.  That’s a good sign, right?)  All you need for this project is paper, q-tips and some paint!  Simple, but it looks neat when it’s done.

"Easy pumpins
Credit: The Posh guide

These little pumpkins are ADORABLE.  You could make a bunch of them and put them anywhere.  On a table-scape, on the counter, or just scattered around the house.  I’m obsessed with pumpkins this year, so this one really appeals to me.  

And depending on the fabric you have, you could make so many different little ones!  Fantastical pumpkins, realistic pumpkins…pumpkins of all kinds!  Find out about these little guys here.

Easy fall DIY projects: Autumn Table decor

This easy fall table decor project takes just minutes to prepare and makes use of both fall leaves and popcorn.  It would make a great table center piece for any fall occasion.

See how to do this easy Fall project at Always the Holidays.

I hope you’re found a project that captured your attention and your artistic eye!  Good luck making all your fall treasures.  And check out this page for some more easy DIY art that can be used any time in the year.

Admin note: These easy fall DIY projects first appeared on the blog in October of 2013. I have updated the post to add two new projects. 

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