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Kitchen Accessories – 5 Seriously Cool Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Do you love neat kitchen gadgets? I definitely do! Check out my list of 5 seriously cool kitchen accessories! They make kitchen tasks easier.

Do you love neat kitchen gadgets? I definitely do! Check out my list of 5 seriously cool kitchen accessories!

Do you love neat kitchen gadgets?  I definitely do!  It’s not a necessity to have any of these items, and the food gods won’t smite you for missing them in your collection, but I promise you, you’ll be so much happier to have these little nuggets!  

5 Seriously cool kitchen gadgets

After all who doesn’t love cute little gadgets!  I think having a little pizazz in the kitchen makes it a lot more fun to cook!

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kitchen knives in fun colorsA Set of Colorful Knives.  

How cute are these?  I love having this set of multi-color knives.  When I’m chopping up veggies I love having these colorful knives around.  

They look cute in my recipe photos, and when I have people over they always comment on them!  They’re definitely a conversation starter!

French Press

A French Press.  

I love having a french press.  They are so versatile, you can use them to do anything from making coffee to frothing almond milk! 

‘ve written an entire article about 10 uses for a french press that are not just making coffee.  It’s not a necessity to have one, but they sure do make life easier.

Lemon juicer

A Citrus Juicer.  

Having a citrus juicer takes all the hard work out of juicing lemons and limes!  I used my citrus juicer to make a recipe for homemade lemonade the other day, and it streamlined the entire process.  

Having a citrus juicer is a huge win if you ever need to juice lemons or limes!

Must have kitchen accessories - Bag Sealer

A Bag Sealer.  

This is a new kitchen gadget that I  I am thrilled about .  They create a tight seal on all kinds of bags (they work particularly well on chip bags) and keep food fresh.  I’m excited to no longer have to search for chip clips and use these bag sealers instead!

Cute honey jugCute Serving Dishes.

Having cute serving dishes are a definite plus if you ever have people over and want to entertain.  just look at how cute the dish for the syrup is for this Apple Cake with a Caramel Honey Glaze.  Having cute serving dishes on the table will wow your guests!

Do you have any fun kitchen accessories that you really love using?  Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to check them out!<

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