The flower displays are the culver city farmers market in los angeles always make me smile. Read more on the blog!
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The Culver City Farmers Market – Places To Go In Los Angeles

This is the first post in my Places to go in Los Angeles series. Today, we’ll be visiting the Culver City Farmers Market.

Culver City Farmer's Market

So I used to live over in Culver City, and when I moved to DTLA (downtown LA) I really missed the vibe of that farmer’s market.  It became a tradition of mine to go every week. 

Can you call it a tradition if it’s just you doing it?  Uh, maybe, or at least that’s what I’ll say!  There’s just something you can’t beat about walking down aisles of produce, sampling strawberries, listening to live musicians that set up between the stands and saying hello to the same vendors every week!

Some info about the Culver City Farmer’s Market:

They set up on Main St, right in the heart of downtown Culver.

Their hours are from 2:00 pm-7:00 pm every Tuesday

When I say every Tuesday, I mean it.  Rain or shine!

There’s (2 hour) free parking at the Trader Joe’s lot

They’re (obviously) cash only

When you’re done, there are LOTS of yummy eateries/bars around

The produce is (almost always) cheaper than the grocery store

hands holding grapes

I love fresh fruits and veggies.  I’d say I cook more with vegetables than fruit, so you’d think when I go to the farmers market that I would steer clear of the fruit.  But I just can’t!  I love all the berries, and grapes, and peaches, and plums, and even the crazy hybrid fruits.  

Last time I went I got a plum-cherry, which has the sweetness of a cherry, the tangy zing of a plum and the size of something in-between.

table of heirloom tomatoes

I’d say the best buy at the farmers market are the tomatoes.  The taste of home grown tomatoes is unlike anything you’ll ever find in a store!  

Also, they’re my favorite food!  I like them sliced with a little salt, or eaten like an apple, or in a salad, or with a  balsamic glaze (check out my tomato plate recipe!) and some goat cheese, chopped into a rustic salsa, or…wait, what was I talking about?  Oh that’s right, the farmers market!

fresh fruit and vegetables from the Culver City Farmer's Market

This was my haul a couple of weeks ago, and depending on what’s in season, my bag looks fairly similar to this.  I always make sure to bring my own reusable bag so I can cut down on using plastic bags because every little bit helps!

As long as the strawberries are in season, you’ll be able to find those in my bag.  The three containers of them pictured above were only $5!!! At the grocery store you’d probably pay the same amount for half (if not less) of the quantity of strawberries.  (see how I used the strawberries here.)

Plums and nectarines were that week’s fruity treat.  For veg, my staples are tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados (for some avoca-do’s and avoca-dont’s check out my other article).  

The wild card in my bag that week was broccolini because I was in a stir fry mood.

flowers at the Culver City Farmer's Market

I go to the Culver City farmers market for the fruits and veggies, but you can find anything there!  The flowers pictured above are from a flower stand that is there every week, and they always have beautiful bouquets.

There is also a stand that only sells cobbler (I broke down one week a while ago and tried one, and they’re TO DIE FOR), another that only sells beef jerky, a couple that only sell goat cheese, one that sells only juice, and another for just for hummus.  

Plus there’s what I like to call “quick lunch” places, where you can grab a Styrofoam tray of whatever yummy delight they’re serving and eat it as you walk around the market.

orchids on a table

Last week when I was walking up to the Culver City farmer’s market I saw just about every person that passed me carrying an orchid.  I had never noticed the orchid table before, but I made sure to check it out when I went by this time since it was so popular.  

Orchids are just beautiful.  I absolutely love orchids.  I’ve never had one before because I hear they’re a fussy plant, but I do like to admire them!

Thanks for checking out my article about the Culver City Farmer’s Market.  I hope you can find a great little market near you, and support local farmers (and of course, eat some delicious tomatoes).  Let me know what your favorite farmers market buy is in the comments below!


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    • Jess

      It’s really lovely! If you’re ever in Culver City on a Tuesday, it’s definitely the place to be! I hope you’re able to make it out to your local farmer’s market this week and can bring home some goodies. 🙂

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