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    Easy Fall DIY Projects

     I love to have art around in the fall.  Back when I was growing up, we’d always be making some sort of artistic project, either in class or at home.  This fall I was yearning to have some of that…

  • Fall Bucket List - Jess Explains It All

    Fall Bucket List

    I love fall, and always have so many different thing that I want to do, but somehow, the time seems to get away from me, and I never end up getting half of the things done that I want to!!…

  • Red Pandas Go Crazy for Pumpkins! - Jess Explains It All

    Red Pandas Go Crazy for Pumpkins!

    This red panda loves pumpkins just as much as I do!  This is such a cute video that I’ve definitely seen before, but it’s so appropriate for fall, I had to share it with you! This little guy is so…

  • DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves - Jess Explains It All 
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    DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves

    These little DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves are just the cutest!  You could use them to make a centerpiece for a fall table, or sprinkle them around when trick-or-treaters come, or string them up and make a ghosty garland!  The possibilities…

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    Orange Hot Chocolate

      Mmmmmm I love hot chocolate!  Fall is the perfect time for hot chocolate, because it’s starting to get a little cold, and a nice mug of hot chocolate can warm you up while providing a delicious drink!  This recipe…

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    DIY Fall Candy Corn Decoration

    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  Everything is pumpkin flavored, and the weather is starting to give some relief to all from the heat of summer.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is how…