• One of my favorite things about LA is that there are SO many fun thing to do all the time - for example, who doesn't love a fun night at the ballet!?
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    A Night At The Ballet

    Outfit details: Vintage Dress (, , ), Black Heels (), Vintage Jewelry, Lip Color (, , ), . One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is that there are so many fun things to do ALL THE TIME.…

  • I love fall - it's the time of year you can throw on hats, or bulk up with layers without overheating. This year I notice I'm falling for black and white!

    Falling for Black and White

    I love September because for me it signifies the start of fall.  I did a quick google search, and found out that the first day of fall is September 23 – and even though that’s still a little ways out,…

  • There's a lot of validity to the minimalist wardrobe, but sometimes I want to go crazy and jazz up my outfit with something pretty like a multicolor scarf!!

    Wardrobe Wildcard: Multicolor Scarf

    So, this is my first outfit post, which I think is pretty exciting.  (See the thumbs up? Yeah, definitely exciting!)  I’ve been reading so many posts lately about a having a minimalist wardrobe and what your “wardrobe essentials” should be.…

  • Tips For Wearing Skirts in the Winter - Jess Explains It All

    Wearing Skirts in the Winter

    Alright, so anyone who knows me knows that I don’t wear pants.  No pants day?  Yep, that’s every day for me!  I love wearing and dresses, something about them is just so fun and girly.  Also, I find pants really…