• Looking for a quick dinner the whole family will love? Check out my recipe for Easy Chicken Fajitas. They're delicious and quick to make!
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    Easy Chicken Fajitas

    OMG guys…This easy chicken fajita recipe is seriously drool worthy.  I made it for dinner a few weeks ago and I was so in love with the dish that I just had to make it again!  It is DELICIOUS, easy, and if you’re…

  • Craving some chicken fried rice? This recipe is here to save the day! It's sure to make a bad day better, and a good day fabulous!
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    Chicken Fried Rice

    I am in LOVE with fried rice.  In love like I-could-eat-it-every-day, what’s-wrong-with-fried-rice-for-breakfast and I’d-choose-it-over-thin-mints kind of love.  Well…maybe I wouldn’t choose it over thin mints.  I’d probably just eat those for dessert.  (WHY would I ever choose between the two?!).…

  • Looking for a way to dress up your favorite comfort food? Why not try this recipe for Avocado Grilled Cheese. The magic ingredient? Avocado Pesto!
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    Ultimate Avocado Grilled Cheese

    Those of you who know me well, or just those who read last years “new years” blog post know that my resolutions never start on time.  Chronic procrastination?  Maybe.  Probably.  Anyways, I never start the new year off on time.  Sometimes it’s…

  • Do you love cooking with fresh veggies but think they're a pain to prepare? Check out my article talking about 5 ways to make chopping veggies easier!
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    5 Ways To Make Chopping Veggies Easier

    I love cooking with fresh veggies but sometimes they’re a pain in the butt to prepare.  I’ll be honest!  I really I wish I had a magical fairy godmother that would come and wave her magic wand and make the time consuming…

  • One of my favorite things about LA is that there are SO many fun thing to do all the time - for example, who doesn't love a fun night at the ballet!?
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    A Night At The Ballet

    Outfit details: Vintage Dress (, , ), Black Heels (), Vintage Jewelry, Lip Color (, , ), . One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is that there are so many fun things to do ALL THE TIME.…

  • I'm totally obsessed with Santa Monica. I love the beach, the cool air, the vibe, and all of the super cute restaurants like Areal! Check out my post on it!

    Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Areal

    GUYS.  I went to a restaurant the other day (read: like a month ago… this post has been a long time coming!) and it was so yummy!  One of my best friends had just returned from North Carolina, and we…

  • Want a light and healthy meal to bring to work? Check out my recipe for Zoodles with Avocado Pesto in a Jar. It's filling, healthy and super cute!
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    Zoodles with Avocado Pesto in a Jar

    Alright, I’m going to give you fair warning, I’ve been getting pretty obsessed with mason jar lunches lately.  I’ve been seeing them all over Pinterest, and I’ve completely fallen in love with them.  They are cute, and portable, and always…

  • Peanut Butter and Nutella in one cookie? These Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies are the best of both worlds!! It's impossible not to love them!
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    Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

    Alright.  I know I’ve told you about my love for peanut butter in the past.  My mother gives Claire from the tv show Lost a run for her money!  (and she’s passed that love along to me too!) But I don’t think…

  • I love caprese salads. Tomatoes + cheese + basil = so delicious! I wanted to make this meal portable so I created a recipe for a caprese salad in a jar!
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    Caprese Salad in a Jar

    I really love caprese salads.  Tomatoes + cheese + basil =  so delicious!  If you’ve ready any of my previous food posts, I’m sure you see that I try to incorporate tomatoes whenever possible.  Caprese salads are so perfect because…