• A delicious (and healthy) recipe for Avocado Boats with Pea, Feta and Mint that can be assembled quickly with no cooking required. This is healthy done right! Check out the recipe at JessExplainsItAll.com
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    Avocado Boats with Pea, Feta and Mint

    If there’s anything I could eat for any meal of the day, it would definitely be avocados.  Aaaaaaaaaaand maybe pizza too… OMG, WAIT, AVOCADO PIZZA.  (I’m going to put a pin in that idea and come back to it later.  🙂  I’ll…

  • Check out my list of 10 tips to improve Monday morning. Following these tips on Sunday night will make your entire week brighter!
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    10 Tips to Improve Monday Morning

    Let’s be honest, if you asked everyone in the world what their favorite day was, I’m sure NO ONE would say Monday.  It’s the day you dread, because it means the end of weekend playtime and adventures and the beginning…

  • Summer Mushroom Salad - Jess Explains It All
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    Summer Mushroom Salad

    I’ve always liked salads, but after you’ve been eating them for a while they can start to get boring. I was getting to that point when I decided to kick up the flavor and make a special summer mushroom salad.…