• Have you ever wondered if you can use your french press for more than coffee? Well good news, here's an article with 10 uses for your french press!
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    Homemade Lemonade

    When I think of the end of summer, I think of the leaves changing colors, the temperatures dropping and spending the last usable days of warmth for doing anything and everything outside.  I love to sit on the edge of…

  • I'm totally obsessed with Santa Monica. I love the beach, the cool air, the vibe, and all of the super cute restaurants like Areal! Check out my post on it!

    Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Areal

    GUYS.  I went to a restaurant the other day (read: like a month ago… this post has been a long time coming!) and it was so yummy!  One of my best friends had just returned from North Carolina, and we…

  • There's a lot of validity to the minimalist wardrobe, but sometimes I want to go crazy and jazz up my outfit with something pretty like a multicolor scarf!!

    Wardrobe Wildcard: Multicolor Scarf

    So, this is my first outfit post, which I think is pretty exciting.  (See the thumbs up? Yeah, definitely exciting!)  I’ve been reading so many posts lately about a having a minimalist wardrobe and what your “wardrobe essentials” should be.…

  • Summer is a great time for pool days and sipping cocktails (and mocktails!). Try my recipe for a sweet and refreshing glass of blueberry mint lemonade!
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    Blueberry Mint Lemonade

    I love summer days.  There’s nothing better than having a day off, poolside and a little bit of swimming.  Today I did all those things!  I normally don’t have Saturdays off, so I wanted to take full advantage of my…

  • Have you ever wondered if you could get more milage out of your produce? Learn how to make strawberry water to make your strawberries go a little further!
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    How to Make Strawberry Water

    I am so in love with summer – absolutely everything about it!  I love the sun, the beach, and a cool ocean breeze.  I love the smell of barbecued chicken and freshly cut grass.  I love sun-kissed skin, painted nails and…

  • Summer Mushroom Salad - Jess Explains It All
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    Summer Mushroom Salad

    I’ve always liked salads, but after you’ve been eating them for a while they can start to get boring. I was getting to that point when I decided to kick up the flavor and make a special summer mushroom salad.…