• Summer is the best time for grilling! I have been making kebabs all summer, and these citrus pepper chicken kebabs are some of my favorites! www.JessExplainsItAll.com
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    Citrus Pepper Chicken Kebabs

    I love summer, because I associate it with so many wonderful memories.  I always think of the smell of freshly cut grass, the fact that the sun never seems to set, and the memory of being around my dad when…

  • Looking for a quick dinner the whole family will love? Check out my recipe for Easy Chicken Fajitas. They're delicious and quick to make!
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    Easy Chicken Fajitas

    OMG guys…This easy chicken fajita recipe is seriously drool worthy.  I made it for dinner a few weeks ago and I was so in love with the dish that I just had to make it again!  It is DELICIOUS, easy, and if you’re…

  • Craving some chicken fried rice? This recipe is here to save the day! It's sure to make a bad day better, and a good day fabulous!
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    Chicken Fried Rice

    I am in LOVE with fried rice.  In love like I-could-eat-it-every-day, what’s-wrong-with-fried-rice-for-breakfast and I’d-choose-it-over-thin-mints kind of love.  Well…maybe I wouldn’t choose it over thin mints.  I’d probably just eat those for dessert.  (WHY would I ever choose between the two?!).…

  • Do you love cooking with fresh veggies but think they're a pain to prepare? Check out my article talking about 5 ways to make chopping veggies easier!
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    5 Ways To Make Chopping Veggies Easier

    I love cooking with fresh veggies but sometimes they’re a pain in the butt to prepare.  I’ll be honest!  I really I wish I had a magical fairy godmother that would come and wave her magic wand and make the time consuming…

  • My fresh veggie salad is the perfect lunch for a hot summer day. It's so delicious and healthy, that you'll thank yourself after eating it. Healthy and yummy? I'd say that's a win-win! Recipe at JessExplainsItAll.com
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    Fresh Veggie Salad

    Oh man.  Is it ever hot in Los Angeles this week!  Let me just preface by saying that we normally have a temperature fluctuation of absolutely no more than ten degrees (fahrenheit) on any given day.  We normally are just around…

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    Portobello and Zucchini Tacos

    I love tacos, and sometimes I get a craving for them that just won’t quit!  These Portobello and Zucchini Tacos look delicious, and I can’t wait to try them.  I think portobello mushrooms are really wonderful because they hold on…