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Easy DIY Art Ideas – 8 Ways to Design Your Own Wall Art

From colorful bird designs to pretty cherry blossoms, these easy DIY art ideas will make it easy for you to design your own wall art with just a few tools and a bit of time.Design your own wall art with these easy DIY art ideas So, after moving into my new place, I realized that my walls were very bare.  To me, nothing can make a house seem less inviting than bare walls – so I started looking for ways to design my own wall art that were easy and still appealing.  

I appreciate beautiful and complex art, but there is no way that I could make any of it by myself.   I also couldn’t buy it…because, more often than not, art is really expensive. Even framed canvas prints are costly.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own wall art? Well, grab a cup of coffee and read on. These wall art decor ideas you’ve always dreamed of will soon become a reality. 

Armed with an idea in mind, I was on the hunt for several DIY wall decor ideas that anyone could do.  Some of these are aimed at children, but that just tells me that I’ll be capable of mastering them.  Because NOBODY wants a wall covered with art that looks as though it was made by kids.

But knowing that they could do it?  This just makes me sure that I can too!

Tips for Easy DIY Wall Art

Here are a few ways to make your personalized wall art express who you are and give your walls a new look quickly and easily.Easy Art Day

  • The things you hang on the walls of your home will tell your guests the story of who you are. Keep this home decor tip in mind when you are choosing projects and you’ll have a cohesive design when you are done.
  • Positioning the wall art takes practice.  Too high, and your guests will get a crick in their neck. Too low and you’ll have them wondering why you have nothing up higher.  These tips for positioning the diy wall decor will be helpful.
  • Start simple.  Don’t choose projects that require a silhouette machine to look good.  Choose materials that you have handy to keep the cost and ease of the project down.
  • Re-purpose items.  Even simple things like an old scarf, or some cupcake liners can get turned into a wall art project if you think outside the box.
  • DIY wall decor ideas don’t have to cost money.  Take a trip to a wall paper store and see if they have old books of wallpaper.  These could end up becoming framed prints and would make perfect and easy wall art ideas.

Ideas to help design your own wall art

Good luck artists! Hopefully, one of these ideas will inspire you to make your own wall art.  (and you don’t have to resort to just family photos or posters to cover the walls!)

Now that you have somewhere to start, grab your materials and go!!! Paint, draw, paste, do it all!  Nothing feels more satisfying than knowing you designed your own wall art.I can’t wait to get started on one of the projects.  I think I’ll do the bird first!

Easy DIY wall art with cherry blossoms, birds and trees

8 Ideas for Easy DIY Art for your Walls

Just a few handy tools and a bit of time and you'll have a creative and easy wall art design that you made yourself.

"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make a Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas!!

Photo Credit: tatertotsandjello.com

Old magazines and Mod Podge come together in this expressive and creative wall decor idea.

This was the first piece of art that really struck me. I fell in love with the bird design, and was really attracted to it because of the bright colors. And one of the best parts of this art? You can definitely do it yourself!

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DIY Pressed Botanical Wall Art

Photo Credit: julieblanner.com

This pretty botanical framed printing reminds me of the old practice of using a book to preserve flowers. Instead, this easy DIY art project uses an iron.

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DIY Room Decor { WALL ART }

Photo Credit: todayscreativelife.com

Wall quotes are a wonderful way to express the sentiments that speak to you. This textured wall quote takes the process a step further and makes a wonderful simple
DIY art design

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Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade

Photo Credit: www.artwithmre.com

This unique wall decor idea is a project that can be created by children. In his site, Mr. E gives lots of examples of how to make simple art that looks nice. I liked this one because it was abstract, and different than anything I had in my room!

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Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

Photo Credit: alphamom.com

I love this because it doesn’t even need a tutorial! From one look at the picture, this easy DIY art project won me over. It looks really pretty (and girly, which I like), and SO SIMPLE. All you need is a soda bottle, canvas, and paint!

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DIY art from buttons

Photo Credit: mydesiredhome.com

This button tree is another wall art decor idea that looks simple enough for me to do, but also pretty enough to light up my room. The great thing about stumbling across this tree, was the wealth of picture in the rest of the post.

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Mason Jar Wall Garden

Photo Credit: www.kleinworthco.com

Combine chicken wire and Mason jars to make a fun herb garden that does double duty as a rustic wall art display.

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DIY Paper Flowers - The Easiest DIY Wall Decor

Photo Credit: www.5minutesformom.com

These easy DIY paper flowers add a pop of color as well as texture and a dramatic look because of their size. You won't believe how easy they are to make!

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