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Must Have Nail Colors – 4 Looks for All Occasions

Are you looking to clean out your beauty products? Check out my guide for my 4 must have nail colors. It has the perfect combination of colors!

4 Must have nail colors

I recently moved, and whenever I move, I realize how many things I have that I don’t need.  My newest realization?  I have WAY too much nail polish!  

I assume I’m not the only one who has collected tons of bottles of nail color over the years…But now I’m ready to go through and have a more minimalistic beauty collection.  

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4 Must Have Nail Colors

For me, I’m starting with nail polish.  Check out my guide for 4 must have nail colors.  I’ve picked my favorites – the prettiest colors, and a style for every occasion.

3 bottles of nail polish

A Pretty Pastel.  

I’d like to start off with choosing a pretty pastel color.  I used to really dislike light colors on my nails, but as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve let the bright purples and glittery polishes go, and I’ve embraced the simplicity of a pastel polish.  

I also love that the light pastels are so girly!  My three current favorites are (pictured above in order from top to bottom) Julep’s Fifi It Girl, because it is so light and the pink is nice and feminine.  

I like Essie’s Ladylike because the slight purple tint makes it a little more dramatic, but it’s still subtle because it’s one of the pretty pastels.  

Then Essie’s Eternal Optimist is a bit of a deeper pink, still very feminine but also a little more dramatic.

bottle of red nail enamel

A Classic Red.

I think every woman should have a bright red nail polish.  I love Essie’s Twin Sweater Set because it’s not too dark, and is just the hue of red I think looks great! 

Red is dramatic and really makes a statement!

bottle of peach nail polish

Something Bright & Cheery.

Why not?  I think bright polishes are so necessary.  What would be better to wear to a day of fun at the beach?!  

And for those of you questioning why I would wear nail polish to the beach, I’d suggest you try it!  It helps shield the sensitive skin under your nails from the sun, preventing sunburn.  

I love Essie’s Tart Deco.

nail enamel that changes in the sun

A Fun Wildcard.

This is my new favorite.  These two fun COLOR CHANGING polishes have quickly made it to my favorites list.  Yes, you read that correctly, they change color in the sun!  

They start out as a pretty pastel (they look the way the color does in the bottle) and then when you take them outside they darken to a more dramatic look.  I wouldn’t say they’re quite as dark as the sticker on top, but it’s a good guide!  

I love these polishes, and the little kid in me keeps shading my fingers and then putting them in the light.  It’s so fun to watch them change colors.  I’m loving Now You See It (left) and May I? (right).

bottles of nail enamel

Well, there you have it!  My list of four must have nail colors.  Alright, I cheated a little bit but listing more than one under the pastels and wild card categories, but they’re just too awesome to pick only one!

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