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New Year’s Resolutions – It’s Time for a New Year, New Me!

The beginning of the year is a chance to think over the past year and figure out what changes to make.  This year, it’s definitely going to be a New Year, New Me!  in my New Year’s Resolutions List

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If I’ve said it once this year, I’ve said it a million times. THIS YEAR is going be be my year. I can feel it. I feel like I’m on the right start to actually get where I’m going, and to make my life the most happy and fulfilled one it can possibly be.

This year is the year for resolutions, reflections, goals, hopes, dreams, winning, losing, failing, falling, dusting myself off, climbing, succeeding, and finding bliss.

Here’s a fact about me, I never start my resolutions on January 1st.  This year my new year starts on January 5th.  

Why, you ask?  Because I know myself well, I know I don’t want to fail my New Year’s resolutions!  My birthday is January 3rd, and I know I want to drink cocktails, and eat delicious food and not feel guilty.  So I want to start being “good” after that.  

I always reserve one day after my birthday for whatever hangover comfort food I want, so the 4th is out too.  This year, I thought the 5th would be great because it’s Sunday and the actual start to a new week.  (Also, 5 is my favorite number!)

This has given me extra time to think about what I really want my new year to pan out.  I have so many “mini-resolutions” that I’ve made a To-Do list of them!  Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with that.


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My New Years Resolutions (five days late!)

These might seem silly to most people, but for me, it’s a way of getting the stuff done that I need to.  But the major ones are something I think everyone can use in their lives.  So with that said, here are my 5 resolutions for New Year, New Me:Resolutions

1. Let Go 

I read an article about letting go of things that are holding you back (The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy), and it resonated so much with me.  I’ve been holding on to so many things that are not doing me any justice.  

I find now that when a negative thought comes to my mind, I just release it.  I smile, and think that I don’t need to be held back by that feeling.  So far, it’s really improving my quality of life.

2. Take Control

While the first resolution of letting go of negative things is so important, it’s just as important to take control of what you want in life.  I had a job I hated at the end of last year.  So what did I do?  I quit!  And now I’m looking for a new one.  

There’s nothing that says you have to be unhappy, except for you.  You have to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to go!

3. 6 AM Gym Grind

This one sounds awful, right?  Waking up at 6 am to go to the gym?  Yeah, in the moment it’s bad, but when you get out of the gym at 7:30 or so, and realize that your whole workout is done for the day, and that you’ve already taken the first step to being healthy before most people have even eaten their breakfast, you’ll thank yourself. Gym gear

Also, I find that starting the day healthy encourages me to make healthy choices all day long!  Plus, the gym can be great for revitalizing your not just your body, but your mind too!  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done (and the endorphins too!)

4. Realize That Not Everything Is A Big Deal

Now, this is something I’ve been working with for the past couple of years.  I used to think everything was life or death, and that one mistake was the world.  I used to put so much pressure on myself, about everything.  Does this sounds like you?  

Well then do yourself (and those around you) a favor, and be kind to yourself.  Not everything is a big deal, and treating it like it is will only hurt you and the people around you.  Take a step back, think about what’s really important to you, and focus on those things.  

Trust me, you’ll be much happier, and probably much more successful in the things you were previously stressing about (sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it’s the truth).

5. Keep In Touch

I love people.  I love human contact, and I need it to be happy.  I find that it’s so easy to let excuses get in the way of keeping up with the people you love, but this year, no excuses for me!  Even if it’s a text, or a ten minute phone call, anything is better than letting them go. New Year's Resolutions - Keep in touch

I love my friends, and I need them desperately.  I’m not saying keep in touch with everyone you meet (though, kudos if you do!), I’m saying keep the people who are in your heart, in your recent calls as well.  It’s so easy to let people go, but it’s also so easy to keep them.  The choice is up to you!

You better watch out 2019, because I’m coming for you, and I am SO excited about what you have to offer!

If you thought this article was helpful to jump start your new year, check out my article on taking risks for a better you: Be Brave!

Admin note: This post for my New Year’s Resolutions first appeared on the blog on January 5, 2015. I have updated it with new thoughts for this year and some new photos.

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