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This is another of my ongoing posts about places to eat in Los Angeles. Today we’ll be visiting Simply Thai.

Simply Thai - from my Places to Eat in Los Angeles SeriesIt’s no secret that I love Thai Food.  Maybe it’s even more than love, it’s an obsession.   I used to be the girl who would always go out and order Pad Thai.  I’d never need to look at a menu, because I knew what my order would be before I left the house.  

If I did want to stray?  I’d do some other noodle-y dish.  I love noodles!  However, lately I’ve been branching out.

By branching out, I mean trying curry.  I tried my first curry a while ago (maybe at the beginning of the year?) and I’ve been in love ever since.  It took me so long to try curries, because I was worried they would be way too spicy (not always the case), and of course because of my love for noodles.

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rustic table and dinner setting

My new go-to Thai place is called Simply Thai.  It’s in the heart of Los Feliz on Hillhurst.  My friend Lily and I go there probably too often, aka every chance we get.  We have coffee dates there and honestly those dates are as good for me (and my soul) as the food is.  

We happened to go during happy hour this trip, and got 2 for 1 Chardonnay.  I don’t know what the chardonnay they have is… but it’s delicious, and that says a lot coming from a girl who doesn’t like chardonnay.  

Maybe I like it because it tastes a lot more like a sauvignon blanc than a  chardonnay.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  Whatever it was, it was delicious!

toasting with a glass of chardonnay

Cheers to girls’ nights at Simply Thai!  We found this place because Lily used to live right by it, and her roomies were apparently ALWAYS raving about the amazing food.  We decided to give it a try, and it was definitely worth it!  

They have inside and outside seating, but we always sit outside, because there is PLENTY of people (and puppy) watching.

I love that the sun sets so late.  It keeps the outside area warm, and makes us feel like we’re really maximizing the whole day.  Having more daylight leads to more conversations and catching up, which is really the best part of girls’ night.

plate of Thai fries and wine

We’ve tried a few different starters there, and last time we got the papaya salad (which was delicious but wayyyyyyy to spicy for either one of us).  This time we thought we would play it safe, so we got the Thai Fries, which is their name for garlic fries.  

They were tasty, but nothing too special (but for $3, we weren’t complaining).  I’m sure we will get a starter there that is as good as the main dishes.  Of course, I’ll update you as soon as we find it.

chicken curry and rice at Simply Thai

We get the Yellow Curry with Chicken every time we go.  Every time.  The first time we got them the woman who took our order said that normally people get a few different dishes to share, but we told her we were both so set on the curry, we didn’t want to try anything else.  

This time, when she brought us out the cute colorful dishes of curry, she them out she said “oh you really like the curry”, and we may or may not have been drooling as an affirmative response…

curry rice and water at Simply Thai

I can’t even express how delicious this curry is.  The curry has just enough spice to it, but it’s not overpowering.  The carrots and potatoes are very tender, and the chicken is delightful.  

I also love their brown rice.  For whatever reason, that’s one thing I have a very hard time cooking.  My brown rice is always different than restaurant brown rice.  Theirs is just fabulous!

plate of curry and rice

Drooling yet?  It’s definitely a place worth checking out.  Especially if you have a great friend to go with!  Girls’ nights at Simply Thai have become a staple for us, and I don’t think that’s changing any time soon.

If you like curry as much as I do, check out my article on Thai Top and my adventures in Redondo Beach.  They’ve got some great curry too!

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