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Since I moved to LA, I’ve been looking for things to do and see, and when I found this picture on Pinterest, and saw that it was located in LA I had to investigate!  I thought it was so neat, and wanted to go drive on this musical freeway!

Unfortunately, word on the web is that the picture is in fact photoshopped. (affiliate link)  I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to drive on the musical freeway!  However, when I was searching, I discovered something called The Musical Road.  

I know you’re probably doubting me, but check this video out!

The Musical Road is a stretch of road that makes audible vibrations that are heard when traveling by car.  The vibrations are transmitted through the wheels and frame of car, and they come out in different pitches, making it a “musical” road.

There are four different musical roads.

  • The one in the video is The Civil Music Road in Lancaster, CA and it plays part of the William Tell Overture.  
  • The Singing Road is in South Korea which plays Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • There is the Melody Road in Japan.
  • There is also the Asphaltophone in Denmark.

The neat thing about these roads is why they were built; for the people.  Some were built to help drivers stay awake, and some of the music in these roads can only be heard at certain speeds, encouraging the drivers to obey the speed limit.

I know I’m excited about The Civil Music Road in Lancaster, CA.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to go to them all!

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