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How To Host The Best Girls Night Ever

There is nothing I love more than a good girls night. There's just something so magical about it! Check out my tips to host the best girls night ever! Girls nights are honestly one of my favorite things of all time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my boys, but there is just something magical about a great girls night.  I’ve compiled a list of ways to host the best girls night ever, and I wanted to share them with you!

This post is sponsored by Era Organics.  I am using Dead Sea Mud Mask, Cleanse + Restore Face & Body Wash and Complete Moisturizer in this post.  All opinions are mine alone.  

There is nothing I love more than a good girls night. There's just something so magical about it! Check out my tips to host the best girls night ever!1. Drinks.  First, let’s get this party started.  If it’s a big group of girls, or even just one of your besties, a great drink is sure to move things in the right direction.  I like to have a variety of options at a girls night, because you never know who is going to drink what!  Here’s a list of a few of my favorites!

  • Feeling tart and tangy?  Try my Homemade Lemonade.  Who doesn’t love lemonade!?
  • If you want something healthy, check out my tutorial for How to Make Strawberry Water.  All of the flavor, and none of the calories?  Yes please!
  • Do you have a sweet tooth?  Try my Blueberry Mint Lemonade. Plus, It looks really impressive, so all of your girls will be amazed by your mocktail mixology!
  • And I think I’ve saved the best for last… If you want something boozy check out my mum’s recipe for Slow Cooker Spiced Wine (pictured).  The spiced wine is boozy, delicious and so easy to make – you just throw everything in a crockpot and it’s ready!
There is nothing I love more than a good girls night. There's just something so magical about it! Check out my tips to host the best girls night ever!
Image source: Pixabay

2. An Activity.  Nothing gets a girls night going like bonding over an activity.  You’ve already picked your drinks and you’re socializing and catching up, and now it’s time for something fun to do together.  Here’s a list of tried-and-true girls night activities.

  • Watching a movie is always a great “go-to” for me.  The chick-flick-ier the better.  Helloooooooo The Notebook and The Blind Side!!!
  • You could all play a board game together:  Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister, Jenga (always fun when drinking), boggle, whatever your heart desires!
  • Let’s take it back to childhood – play a “silly” game: Two Truths and a Lie, Never Have I Ever, F#*k Marry Kill, Would You Rather, etc etc etc!  Anything nostalgic!

Peanut Butter and Nutella in one cookie? These Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies are the best of both worlds!! It's impossible not to love them!3. Food.  Now that you’ve picked a fun activity, we should probably start cooking something up for everyone!  If you’re in a hurry you can just pick up some cheeses and meats and lay them out on a nice cutting board, but if you really want to wow your girls, try out one of these recipes:

  • Need something cute and quick?  These Caprese Salad Jars are amazing.  They take literally less than five minutes to throw together and are delicious AND healthy.  Win win!
  • Want something with a little more spectacle?  Maybe some homemade Chinese food would do the trick.  This Homemade Chicken Fried Rice is sure to wow everyone!  And it’s a good one to make in bulk if you have a lot of girls coming over.
  • Craving Mexican food?  OMG then you MUST try these Easy Chicken Fajitas!! You can set up a fajita bar and the girls can make their own fajitas.  It would be so fun!  Plus, they are easy peasy. No need to worry about making something complicated!
  • You should definitely make one of those recipes, and you should (even more definitely) follow it up with these drool-worthy Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies (pictured).  I love them, and I GUARANTEE all your girls will too!

There is nothing I love more than a good girls night. There's just something so magical about it! Check out my tips to host the best girls night ever!4. Spa Time. Drinks?  Check.  Games? Check.  Food?  Check.  Spa Time?  Ohhhhhh that needs to be checked off the list!  There is nothing like pampering yourself (and your friends) to make a girls night the best ever.  I feel like we are normally running through life so quickly we forget to pamper ourselves!  Let’s not forget it for girls night though.  Taking a little “me” time is a definite way to improve any girls night.  The best way to pamper yourself?  Era Organics!!!  I honestly cannot recommend this product line enough.  It is one of the most gentle skincare lines, and I can honestly say I feel a difference in my skin!  I’ve tested it on myself and love it, so I’d love to include it in my next girls night to pamper everyone.  I recommend you check it out too!

  • Era Organics Cleanse + Restore, Face & Body Wash.  Alright.  Anyone who knows me know that I SWEAR by Philosophy’s face cleanser.  Swear by it, like, I-don’t-use-anything-else-ever, swear by it.  It always gets all my makeup off (even waterproof) and leaves my skin feeling fresh.  I never thought I would love another cleanser like I love Philosophy…That is, until I found Era Organics Cleanse + Restore, Face & Body Wash.  It also gets all of my makeup off (waterproof included!!) and it leaves my skin feeling silky silky siiiiiiiiilky smooth.  I feel refreshed and renewed whenever I use this face wash.  I’ll be completely honest with you…after work today I was actually excited to run home and wash my face because it feels so good.  (Who says that?!?!?!  I swear though, it’s that good amazing.)
  • Era Organics Complete Moisturizer.  I have been looking for ages to find the perfect moisturizer.  All I want in a moisturizer is something that keeps my skin hydrated and isn’t greasy and heavy, and is a good value, and lasts for a really long time, and works like magical fairies have sprinkled fairy dust on it…I mean is that too much to ask?!?!!?  Ugh.  Well let me say in my moisturizer quest I have found a couple that I like, but they still weren’t the one.  I like benefit and philosophy alright… but neither of them hold a candle to Era Organics Complete Moisturizer.  Era Organics moisturizer is so smooth and silky.  It is soft to the touch and leaves absolutely no greasy residue.  I feel like every time I use it, it sinks deep into my skin.  Also, I’m convinced that at the rate I’m using this jar, I’ll never have to buy another jar of it!!…Well, at least not for a very, very, very long time.  The first few times I used it, I put way too much on, because I was used to needing to use that much from other brands.  Not with this moisturizer.  I use it so sparingly, a little bit goes a very long way!
  • Era Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask.  Sometimes I forget that I love girly things…but then I find myself falling in love with a thing called a ‘Dead Sea Mud Mask, and I remember just how much I love all the girly things.  hahaha.  Seriously though, this mud mask is so cool.  When you put it on, it gets really tingly, and then once it dries, you wash it off.  Sounds pretty standard right?  NOPE.  I washed it off and felt like my skin had actually gotten younger.  My face felt clean and the elasticity of my skin felt tight.  I love how my face feels after using this mask.  How fun would it be to sit around at girls night with a bunch of girls with mud masks on!?  AHHHH I’m mentally planning my next girls night as I write this.  And it definitely includes the Dead Sea Mud Mask!
  • Takeaways from Era Organics.  I’m in love.  Honestly, I am.  I feel so lucky that I was chosen to have a post sponsored by something I believe in so much.  I love how gentle the formula is, and how they match their products to our skin’s natural PH.  I love that it’s cruelty free and not tested on animals.  I love that Tyler (the main point of contact for Era Organics) is literally the fastest emailer I’ve ever met.  I love that it’s fragrance free, chemical free, alcohol free, synthetic free, and dye free.  I love that even though it’s fragrance free it kind of smells faintly of bread dough, which reminds me of my Grammy.  I love that a little bit goes such a long way, and that these products will last!  I love that it’s a small business and not some huge chain (yahoo small businesses!).  I really love everything about it, and think that you would too.  Grab some products for your next girls night and let me know what you think!

There is nothing I love more than a good girls night. There's just something so magical about it! Check out my tips to host the best girls night ever! Now that you’re hydrated, amused, fed and relaxed, take a minute to just soak it all in.  Honestly, girls night would mean nothing if it didn’t involve all the amazing women you share it with.  Take a minute to sit back and relax and be grateful for all your lovely ladies! In honor of wanting to make girls night special, my sponsor, Era Organics, has offered to give a set of the skincare products (the Dead Sea Mud Mask, The Clean + Restore Face & Body Wash and Complete Moisturizer) to one lucky winner!  PLUS, as an even more generous gesture, they have offered to give EVERYONE that enters a code for 25% off!  How wonderful!  So go ahead, start entering to win, and make your girls night the greatest ever!

The giveaway has ended and Stephanie G. Is the lucky winner!  Yay Stephanie!  And for everyone else, the code for 25% off is JSSXPLNS and it works on any of Era Organics products. The code expires on 4/30, so you’ve still got plenty of time!

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Do you have any great girls night ideas?  Please share them in the comments!

Thank you again to Era Organics for sponsoring this post!

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