Place To Eat In Los Angeles: Aroma Coffee and Tea
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Aroma Coffee and Tea – Places To Eat In Los Angeles

I have a new series starting on the blog called Places to Eat in Los Angeles.  Today we’ll be visiting Aroma Coffee and Tea. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the LA area and just so cute!

"Places to Eat in Los Angeles"Aroma Coffee and Tea

Let’s Visit Aroma Coffee And Tea

If you know me at all, you know that food is a huge part of my life.  I love cooking meals for myself (and for friends) and I love going out for food and drinks as well.  

Aroma Coffee and Tea sign

Aroma Coffee and Tea has the cutest sign out front!  Even though it’s up there in the trees, it’s actually really easy to spot as you’re walking up.

Aroma Coffee and Tea menu

There’s normally a little bit of a line going in (I think everyone else is starting to know what a great place it is too!), but I never really mind that.  

The menu is SO huge that it’s nice to have a bit of time to decide what you want to get before you get to the cashier.  This picture above is from when you walk in the front door and are now at the front of the line (yay!).  

The chalkboard shows all their yummy drinks (amazing for a coffee addict! 😛), and the case below holds TONS of house made cakes and goodies.

I’m on a healthy kick right now, which is why there are no pictures of the desserts- I knew if I photographed them, I’d want to try them too.

Entry to Aroma Coffee and Tea

Once you order, they give you a number and you can pick your own seat.  I always walk through the inside seating under this cute doorway.  It says “May The Coming Hour O’erflow With Joy”, which is just too cute.  

If you walk all the way through the inside area it takes you out back to a relaxing area with tables and trees, and good vibes.

Table and chairs with a chandelier

There’s even an outside bar seating area.  I normally pick a little table off to the side in the shade because it’s a little more secluded, and when I come here I love to bring a friend and catch up! This trip I took Julie with me, because she loves this place as much as I do.

chicken pesto sandwich and fries

Julie got the Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Garlic and Herb Fries.  I think i might have actually drooled when they brought it out.  She let me nibble on her fries a little, and I’m definitely getting them next time.  

They taste like what I can only imagine heaven would taste like.  Julie loved the sandwich too, but I think the real hero of the plate was definitely the heaven fries…I mean the garlic and herb fries

grilled salmon salad

I got the Grilled Salmon Salad on the recommendation of the guy who was working there. I was stuck between that and the Roasted Beet Salad, but I just decided that I would get that next time.  

I was so happy with the salad.  It was light and clean and the flavors were so fresh.  The salmon was cooked perfectly, and I felt so great after eating it!

slices of cake with cream

When we were finishing up dinner one of the guys who worked there was walking by with a huge tray of little baby slices of cake.  He walked over to us and asked if we wanted to split a piece of free cake.  

FREE CAKE?  Those words are like magic to me!  I was trying to eat so healthy which is why I didn’t get a piece when I ordered my meal, but these ones were so cute and little.  I figured a little piece wouldn’t hurt, so we accepted his offer.  

It was so delicious.  The chocolate was so rich and smooth.  I’m not entirely sure what kind of cake it was (surprise cake?), but It was some sort of chocolate treat.  And there were chocolate shavings on top too, which were nice.  

brioche french toast

I used to only to go drink their coffee (I have a coffee problem, for sure…), but the first time I got their food I got the Brioche French Toast.  

My friend Tyler and I had just finished a hike at Runyon Canyon and this was my reward for a taxing workout!  Once I had it, I was determined to come back and try everything they had to offer.  

I think it’s one of the crowd favorites, because every time I come I see the food runners bringing a lot of them out to table.  I can see why!  It’s so yummy.  It was perfect, not soggy, not crunchy – just right!

classic cobb sald

Another favorite of mine there is the Classic Cobb Salad.  It’s really filling, but also super clean and delicious.  I love they with all their salads they include a little roll.  I really like bread, and that’s the thing I always miss when I get salads.  Luckily they predicted that!

This place is definitely a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to share more Places To Eat In Los Angeles with you!!  If you’ve ever eaten here before, leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite dish was.  I’ll try it the next time I go!

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