I've got a new post up in my "places to eat in Los Angeles' series. This one features Urth Caffe, a delicious counter service restaurant with great food and tasty drinks.
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Urth Caffe – Places To Eat In Los Angeles:

Urth Caffe in Santa Monica definitely makes it on my ‘places to eat in Los Angeles’ series. It’s near the beach and has delicious coffee and food!

Places to eat in Los Angeles - Urth Caffe

I really enjoy sharing my “Places To Eat In Los Angeles” series posts with you.  It combines all of my favorite things!  I love spending quality time with friends, exploring new places, eating delicious food, taking photos and writing these blog posts.  The most recent place I went to eat was Urth Caffe (pronounced like ‘earth’).

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Julie and I went to the Urth location in Santa Monica because I was craving a beach day.  The beach is so close to my heart and I find myself driving there every chance I can get (for example, my impromptu Redondo Beach adventure).  

Urth Caffe has a bunch of locations (and I’ve been to quite a few of them), but the Santa Monica one is my favorite.  There’s always a line out the door, but I usually end up chatting away and then having to rush to decide as soon as the line has moved closer to the door.

 Julie and I stood in line, beach bag toting and towel clad, ready for a quick bite to eat before beaching it up.

dessert case in Urth Caffe

Once the line gets inside Urth Caffe, you can see the dessert case, and let me tell you, that thing is the best visual seller in the world.  Go ahead, I dare you to walk in there without walking out with a dessert!  They have everything you could ever dream of.

They have muffins, cookies, and cakes of course.  But I really think there should be a different word to describe their cakes.  They are much too grand to just be called ‘cake’.  Maybe if it was in all caps!  CAKES!

Especially the chocolate ones…they are just too sinful for words!  The first time I ever came to visit Urth I tried a chocolate cake with hazelnuts and it was so divine.  See for yourself:

chocolate cake

Are you drooling yet?  Because they have pies too.  Oh the pies!!

display of pies

As good as those beauties look, we didn’t get any pies or cakes.  Nope.  Will power? …no.  It was the  cheesecake selection that took us away from everything else.  Their cheesecakes basically jumped up and down in the case singing “pick me, pick me!”  

I mean look at them!  Tiramisu Cheesecake!  New York Cheesecake!  Oreo Cheesecake!  As I’m writing this post, I’m living vicariously through the memory of how delicate and delightful the cheesecakes are.  mmmmm.

cheesecake display

So we knew we had to get a cheesecake, we also got coffees (I’m sure you’re aware of my latte obsession at this point) and a couple of lunches.  Julie and I sprinted outside to see if we could find a table looking onto Main St. 

If you’re not familiar with Santa Monica, Main St. is one of the best streets to explore.  It has tons of clothing stores, boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream stores, etc etc.  We found a table overlooking Main St.  It was perfect for people (and puppy) watching.

When you order at Urth, they give you a number, and bring the food out to you.  The first to arrive was my latte.  

Oh thank goodness.  This little guy was delicious, and the latte art was too cute!  I love the little heart.  This is also the point where I should mention Urth’s coffee is all organic.  It’s America’s first exclusively organic coffee company.  Pretty cool, right!  And tasty too.  🙂

Cup of coffee with a flower

They always do something fun with the latte art when you get a latte.  I like the heart a lot, but I’ve also gotten some other neat things too.  I used to be a barista, and make latte art, so I always appreciate a nice cup !

latte with flower

That picture right there was from the last time I went to Urth, at the West Hollywood location.  Even though they don’t have the beach nearby, their outside seating is also nice.  If you go around the side of the building you can find a fountain and some pretty greenery.

fountain at Urth Caffe

Anyways, enough of the West Hollywood location, back to Santa Monica!  After we got our coffees, we people watched, and I dreamt of stealing every puppy that crossed our path.  I didn’t, of course, but I always think about it.  

The next item that came out to us was Julie’s salad.  She got the Greek Salad which comes with a little side of Pita Bread and Butter.

Greek salad with pita bread

I have to give Julie a quick shout out for her patience!  She is such a great friend and is forever listening to me ramble on about the blog (which seems to be all I talk about lately), and being so patient while I make her wait to eat until I  photograph everything.  She’s such a good sport.  I mean LOOK at this salad, I’m sure I’d have a hard time waiting to eat it.

Greek Salad

The next thing to come out was our cheesecake.  The timing was weird on that… you would think my meal would have come out next…but I suppose some wires got crossed and the dessert arrived first.  We decided to get the classic New York Cheesecake, and let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed!

Greek salad with NY cheesecake

Such a beautiful spread (so far)!  I love to eat foods that have a lot of vibrant color, so the greens and reds jumping off the plates were so appealing to me!

cheesecake, salad and pita bread

Yum, yum, YUM!  I’ve had the Greek salad before, and it’s just delicious.  Really light, but flavorful too.  

At this point, I’m getting antsy waiting for my sandwich.  It’s so hard to see all the other food, and know yours is off somewhere else.  But when it arrived, I felt like a child on Christmas morning.  I was so thrilled.

 Panini Prosciutto Di Parma

I got the Panini Prosciutto Di Parma, which comes with a little side salad.  The prosciutto was nice and salty, and the sun dried tomato spread had a beautiful flavor.  

The bread was cooked a little too much for my liking, but if you like a bit of crunch to your panini, it would be a good one.

 Panini Prosciutto Di Parma at Urth Caffe

Now that my panini had made it’s grand entrance, the gang’s all here.  It’s really a beautiful spread of food.

lunch at Urth Caffe

And now, it’s time to dig in!  Out of the two entrees, the Greek salad was definitely the winner, and the bread it came with was such a lovely addition.  

The coffees were delightful, of course.  My panini, although a little disappointing, had nice flavor to it.  Of course those are just the main dishes…the cheesecake was obviously the highlight of the meal!

New York Style Cheesecake and lemon

I mean, how can you not love this cheesecake?  That’s obviously a trick question.  I’m convinced that it’s impossible not to be absolutely enamored with this cheesecake.

New York Style Cheesecake and lemon at Urth Caffe

It was really amazing.  We may or may not have licked the plate clean…

After we finished lunch we decided it was too cold to go to the beach.  I know that sounds weird but it does get pretty chilly over in Santa Monica.  You’ve got the wind coming off the beach, and on this particular day there wasn’t a ton of sunlight.  

It ended up being so chilly I wished I had brought a jacket!  So instead of going to the beach we walked up and down Main St. popping into all the little shops.  It was such a lovely day, and it all started with a great meal at Urth!

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Admin Note: This post about Urth Caffe first appeared on the blog in July of 2015. I have updated the post with new facts and photos.

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