Turning a multicolor scarf into a wardrobe wildcard
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A Multicolor Scarf Becomes My Wardrobe Wildcard

Time for what I call a wardrobe wild card post.  I chose one piece of clothing – a multicolor scarf – and accessorized around it to show you how I put the look together.

pretty model giving a thumbs up

There’s a lot of validity to the minimalist wardrobe, but sometimes I want to go crazy and jazz up my outfit with something pretty like this multicolor scarf!!

So, this is my first outfit post, which I think is pretty exciting.  (See the thumbs up? Yeah, definitely exciting!)  I’ve been reading so many posts lately about a having a minimalist wardrobe and what your “wardrobe essentials” should be.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love those posts (and you’ll probably see me doing some of them later) – but sometimes I don’t want to focus on essentials…I want to focus on something fun, like a wildcard!  Hence, this Wardrobe Wildcardpost.model with dangle earrings and a vibrant scarf

Turning a multicolor scarf into a wardrobe wildcard

So my wildcard for today’s post is a Multicolor Scarf that I got from Anthropologie a few years ago.  
girl in a teal shirt with a printed scarf

The reason that I like this multi-color scarf so much is that once you’ve settled on this one piece of your outfit, the rest is super simple to put together.  I like to stick to solid colors for the rest of the outfit so that it doesn’t clash too much.  A trusty black bandage skirt is always a go-to piece for me when using this much color.  

Then I can be a little more bright with the other pieces, like my teal shirt!  I chose the teal shirt because that color is also in the scarf, but as you can see, if I didn’t have teal, I would have a lot of other options too.  That’s why a multi-color scarf is so great!

cute girl with a printed scarf and teal top

For my other accessories, I tend to go pretty light, because I don’t want to look like there’s too much going on in my outfit.  I threw on some purple booties to match the scarf and dress it up a little.  I normally do sandals, but I thought a small heel might be nice too.

smiling girlThen I threw on some dangle earrings and a huge smile – and I was done!  The earrings I’m wearing are made out of shells that are two different colors – one is teal and the other is more of a cream color, but since both of those colors are in the scarf the two pieces go nicely together.

I love this look and plan to wear it the next time I have a coffee date with my girl pals.

wardrobe wildcard multicolor scarf

There you have it!  My first outfit post – a wardrobe wildcard!  Hope you enjoyed reading it, and are starting to think about ways to dress up some of your own wardrobe wildcards.

Happy styling, fashionistas!

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