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Wearing Skirts in the Winter – Tips for Keeping Warm

One of the most attractive and feminine fashion items is a skirt. But what is a girl to do to keep her legs warm when it starts getting colder? I’ve put together some of my tips for wearing skirts in the winter. There is no reason to keep skirts just for the warm weather!

Alright, so anyone who knows me knows that I don’t wear pants.  No pants day?  Yep, that’s every day for me!  I love wearing skirts and dresses, something about them is just so fun and girly.

Also, I find pants really limiting (unless, of course, they are yoga pants – which are clearly the best pants) as far as movement goes.  However, there comes a problem with my love for bare legs when winter sets in.  “How do you stay warm?” most people ask.  

Girl in a gold striped skirt with a black sweater
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Keeping Warm While Wearing Skirts in the Winter

It’s easy really, but you have to know the tricks!  From wearing tights to a tiny bomber jacket – layers are your friend! The way to incorporate wearing skirts in the winter is to utilize wearing layers.

So I’ve made this article to share these tips with you, so you can join me in staying warm and fashionable this winter!

Use Layering to keep warm

The key to wearing skirts is what you wear with them.  Layering is crucial.  When fall first sets in and it’s not the dead of arctic winter, I like to pair my little miniskirts with long sleeves like the girl pictured above.  

It’s cute, warm and classy.  I feel that if you’re showing a lot of leg, it’s better to have a more conservative top half.  So this look is for fashion, function and a little bit of balanced modesty too!

Gil in a red skirt with a bronze colored jacket
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Pair skirts with jackets to keep warm

Now just long sleeves won’t keep you warm all winter, so I suggest when it gets a little colder, throwing on a  jacket.  It’s amazing that if you bundle one half of your body to warm it up, the other half seems to follow suit.  

Also, notice how in both of these pictures, the models are wearing shoes.  If you cover your feet, your body will be warmer.  Nobody needs to be wearing sandals in fall.

girl in a black skirt with jacket and long scarf

Add tights and boots

Now this is where things start getting strategic. Wearing tights and boots with a jacket can be your best friend in the winter. I can’t tell you how many pairs of tights I have, and tights that I’ve gone through over the years.  

Also, an extra tip for boots, if it’s REALLY cold (I used this trick when I studied in the UK during the winter), wear a pair of socks over your tights with your boots.  It sounds kind of silly (but no one can see it so who cares), but keeping your feet warm really is key!

Wearing skirts in the winter - Girl in a tan striped skirt with black leggings and boots
Photo Credit: Carah Amelie

Toss on a scarf

Now here’s my favorite…I love to wear leggings with skirts, boots and a scarf.  It is so warm and cozy, and the leggings provide just enough leg coverage for those really cold mornings without wearing pants.  

I feel all bundled, cozy, happy and most importantly, warm!  An extra trick for those mornings when you feel even leggings aren’t enough (again I did this trick in the UK), wear a pair of tights under your leggings.

Who would have thought, right?  But if provides so much warmth, and you’ll be happy if you try it, I know I was!

wearing skirts in the winter - Long black and white skirt with black sweater

Wearing Skirts in the Winter – Go long for warmth

This one is a no brainer.  Long skirts mean lots of extra material around your legs.  Just having the extra material keeps the cold weather out!

And teaming the skirt up with a long sleeved black sweater keeps the arms warm, while the hat holds in heat on the head! Win, win!

Model in a skirt in the woods - wearing skirts in winter

Add ’em all together

The scene may look cold, but the model looks anything but! In this look, a short skirt gets teemed with a long jacket, scarf, tights and high lace up boots.

Each item (other than the skirt) is designed to hold heat in while giving a fun and sporty look to the outfit. This look is modest, mother-approved, and so, SO comfortable!

girl in a plaid wool skirt with black top and leggings

Keep everything covered

What’s to get cold here?  All of the body is covered, from shoulders to toes.  A wool, plaid skirt keeps the hips warm for a start – but adding the rest of the outfit ensures some warmth.

From the long sleeves to the thick leggings and black boots, the only thing she needs might be a red hat and gloves to brave the cold!

Well, I hope all these fashion tips have helped you be brave enough to endure the cold in your cute skirts!  Rock on, fashionistas!

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Admin note:  This post first appeared on the blog in November of 2013. I have updated the post to add some new tips for winter warmth and some new photos, too. Stay warm, ladies!

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  • Hannah

    Wow, this is amazing… I also don’t wear pants. Usually, when people know that fact about me they get all funky! Like, “ohhhhh, is that right”. I love them and yet it can be so hard finding the right look. I love wearing tights an boots with my short skirts in the winter. I run out of ways to style it up. Thank you for this!

  • Kate @ Green Fashionista

    LOVE this! I wear mostly dresses and skirts too, as I feel to constricted in pants and especially living in Florida it’s way too hot most of the year to wear pants. I sweat just looking at girls in jeans this time of year here. I love all the different stylish ways to wear skirts and dresses in the cooler weather still keep warm 🙂

    • Jess

      Thanks Kate! I lived in North Carolina for most of my life, so I definitely can commiserate with you about the humidity! Glad you liked the article! 🙂

  • Adeine C-Lootens

    OMG if it were not for work I would definitely love to try never wearing pants. These tips will definitely help me for when I have days off though!

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