A night at the ballet
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A Night At The Ballet – Outfit Ideas – It’s Glam Time Fashionistas!

One of my favorite things about LA is that there are SO many fun thing to do all the time – for example, who doesn’t love a fun night at the ballet!?

model with a glass of wine - A night at the ballet

A night at the Ballet Outfit details:

Vintage Dress, Black Heels, Vintage Jewelry, Lip Color Merlot Lipstick, REDvelation Lipstick, Passion Lipgloss, Julep “It Girl – Fifi” Nail Color.

One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is that there are so many fun things to do ALL THE TIME.  I  was talking with one of my friends the other day and had a realization about balancing life, work, and playtime.  

I am the kind of person that throws my whole self into whatever I do.  I’m a super-Type-A-perfectionist, and I work really hard.  But there is definitely value in not working all the time.  

After all, if you’re working all the time, you miss so many beautiful opportunities life has to offer!  So the other day I took a day off work (this is revolutionary for me), and went to the ballet with one of my lovely friends, Jen!  

If you read my fashion post Falling for Black and White, you’ll remember her, because she took all the photos!

A woman at a table with wine and bread.

I convinced her to come out on the other side of the camera for our ballet-girl-date, hooray!  We decided to make a whole day of our ballet adventure, and started off at one of my favorite restaurants in LA.  

We got there during happy hour, aka the best hour of the day.  

We started off with two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and a bread basket with all kinds of yummy breads.  The one with rosemary in it was my favorite.  I’m such a sucker for that herb!

A cheese plate with a salad in the center.

We also got a cheese plate that made both of us drool.  The bleu cheese was our favorite – it was a unanimous vote.  We both took a bite of it and were SOLD.  

We started munching on our cheese and talking about how excited we were to see the ballet!  The ballet we were seeing was Cinderella, and that is just such a fun story to see.  

I love rooting for the underdog, and for true love, so I would have been happy standing wayyyyyyy in the back just to get a glimpse of this ballet.  

However, Jen was able to get us tickets in the founders circle (read: the best seats in the house!) at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Can you say lucky ducks or what?  

Also, I believe this ballet was one of the lead ballerina’s last performances, from what Jen was saying.  So not only did we have great seats, but we had great seats at a highly anticipated breathtaking performance!

Two tickets to the Mariinsky Ballet.

I love ticket stubs.  I have a glass jar in my apartment that has pretty much every ticket stub to every movie, play, show, etc, that I’ve ever seen.  

I’m definitely a sentimental girl, so I love to look through them and remember all the fun memories associated with each ticket stub!

A plate of mussels au gratin with a side salad.

But before we got to the theater, we had to take advantage of some more of the happy hour food!  We ordered the Mussels Gratin and while it was extremely rich, it was also delicious.  Definitely not a dish I could have every day, but it was nice to have as a treat!

Fried calamari with two dipping sauces on a plate.

Jen’s favorite was the Calamari, which I’ve had before and would gladly have again and again!

Ahi tuna cucumber rollups with soy sauce.

I loved the Ahi Tuna Rollups.  They had avocado, asparagus, cilantro and seared ahi tuna rolled up with cucumber and topped with sour cream and roe… all over a bed of arugula.  How can you NOT love this dish?!

A brunette woman sitting holding a glass of water at a table.

It’s safe to say were were full and happy when we left for the ballet.  Jen snapped a quick picture in the restaurant before we headed out.  I think one of my favorite parts of going to the ballet was getting all girly and fancy.  

I was finally able to wear one of my vintage dresses, and put on some dramatic red lipstick for the night out.  Ecco Bella is one of my favorite lipstick brands, and I decided to sport their colors for our night out.

In this photo I’m wearing a base coat of Merlot Lipstick, touched up with REDvelation Lipstick, and just a dab of Passion Lipgloss in the center.  Layering the different colors of lipstick was a little makeup trick Jen (a former makeup artist) told me to make my lips look fuller!  

She also asked me to mention in this post that she was stunned at how long the lipstick lasted (as was I, since it lasted all night long!) and fully supports it as a makeup artist.  Two thumbs up for Ecco Bella!

Ecco Bella lip glosses and lipsticks on a table.I love that all of Ecco Bella’s makeup is cruelty free (it’s gluten free and paraben free too)!  Lately I’ve been looking into my makeup more, and want to only be putting makeup on my face that is good for me, and good for the environment.  

Check out more about my philosophy about skincare and beauty products.  The fact that the colors are amazing, and it lasted more than five hours?  Well that’s just an amazing bonus!

A view through a window looking at two chandeliers.

After we finished eating our dinner, it was off to the ballet!  I’d never been to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion before, and was blown away by how beautiful it was!  The elegant atmosphere definitely set the mood for the night.

A projection of the words "The Music Center" onto a sidewalk.

When we took our seats, we watched a very contemporary version of Cinderella.  I was thrilled by this because my dance background is in modern dance, so I love to see it incorporated with other styles.  All the dancers were fabulous, and the orchestra was great too!

A courtyard at night with trees wrapped in twinkle lights.

When the ballet was over, we came back outside and took a few photos.  The courtyard was lit beautifully, and while it is definitely stunning and elegant at night, I bet it would be a great place to sit and have a casual picnic lunch during the day!

A woman in a white dress in a courtyard at night.

What a wonderful girl’s night with Jen!  I’m so glad we took some time to enjoy the ballet, and take a break from the usual work grind.

A brunette woman in a fancy black dress in a courtyard at night. - A night at the ballet

It was so fun to play dress up before going out.  There’s nothing that makes me feel like a princess more than slipping on a full length dress, a pair of heels, and doing my hair and makeup!

A brunette woman in a courtyard where the trees are wrapped in lights.

All the jewelry I’m wearing in this outfit is from my mum’s online jewelry shop called Vintage Jewelry Lane.  I love vintage jewelry because so many of the older pieces have such strong craftsmanship and are built to last.  

I also find that vintage jewelry typically also has more intricate designs.  It would be a rare day to find me wearing new jewelry when there are so many beautiful vintage pieces available!

A woman in a fancy black dress in a decorated courtyard at night.

The dress I’m wearing is also vintage – a lucky find at an estate sale going back a few years ago. This is the first occasion I’ve had to wear it, because it’s way more dressy than anything I wear normally.  

The sleeves are delicate and sheer, and the bodice has beading work all over it.  My favorite part is obviously the sheer layered bottom though.  I could twirl around in this dress all day!  Especially wearing my go-to black heels!

A black and white photo of a woman in a fancy black dress.

I had such a fun time for my night at the ballet!  Sometimes it’s really great to just take the time for yourself to explore and do things you’re passionate about.  I encourage you to look around your city and see what adventures you can find!!

Outfit details:

Vintage Dress, Black Heels, Vintage Jewelry, Lip Color Merlot Lipstick, REDvelation Lipstick, Passion Lipgloss, Julep “It Girl – Fifi” Nail Color.

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