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How to Quit Your Job – 4 Different Ways

Are you in a dead end job that you just can’t stand? Many of us have been there. When it’s time for you  to part company with your boss, do you wonder how to quit your job properly? Here are 4 unique ways to do it.4 ways to quit a job


Lets face it, jobs are hard.  You need one to survive, but getting a job is hard.  Then once you get a job, sometimes they’re really awful, and you want to leave, but are afraid you won’t find something better, or that you won’t find anything at all.  

quitting a job

How to Quit Your Job – 4 Different Ways

Let’s put all that aside and say you want to quit your job.  Now how do you go about doing that?  Nobody every showed me a “how to” manual for quitting jobs, so I’ve made one here for you.

The responsible way:

You could always give your two weeks notice.  Managers and owners like that.  Companies  like to know if you’re going to be gone so they can find someone to replace you.

PROS: You’re doing the right thing.  It’s responsible.  You can be proud of the fact that you’re being an adult.  

Heck, they might even write you a nice reference letter if you need one!

CONS: They might be upset you’re leaving and treat you kind of badly until you do so.  You won’t be able to rub it in their faces (childish, but satisfying).

The Cowardly Lion

The cowardly lion way:

This is for those who don’t like to take charge of  a situation.  You could do something to get yourself fired, so you don’t actually have to talk to your boss and quit your job.

PROS: This is good if you are very scared, and don’t want to quit.  Maybe your boss is a three-headed-dog, and will gobble you up if you cross him.

CONS: You won’t be able to get a reference letter.  People will ask you why you got fired when you apply to the next job.  

You won’t have the piece of mind that talking the situation out would give you.  You might get gobbled up by a three-headed-dog boss.

woman leaving town with a suitcase

The super stealthy spy way:  

You could just leave after your shift one day and never return.  Make sure if you do this, that you flee the state, change all your contact information, your name, and let no one know that you are leaving.  

This must be a complete secret.  You must practically vanish from the face of the earth to have this plan work.

PROS: You won’t have to talk to your boss…

CONS: You will leave everyone you know.  You won’t be able to go back to your home.  You will have to fill out lots of paperwork for your new life.  You’ll probably miss your old life.

The “Joey Quits” way:  

You could do what Joey did in the video above, and bring in a big band to announce to your boss that you won’t put up with his nonsense anymore, and become youtube famous for it.  

(Disclaimer: only do the “Joey Quits” way if your boss is really terrible.)

PROS: It’s possibly the most badass thing ever.

CONS: Cons?  What cons?

Note about quitting a job

I mean, (all joking aside) I think you can probably figure out for yourself which is the actual best way to quit…

But the most important thing to seriously consider is your own happiness.  If you aren’t happy somewhere, don’t stay.  You only have one life to live, so why not make it the best, most fulfilling life possible.  

I wish you all the best in your jobs (or search for a job).  Remember, smile, keep your head up, and be your own advocate!

You have any crazy job-quitting stories? If so, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post to add all new photos and more tips for quitting your job.

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