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Color Vision Test – How Well Do You See Color?

So, for the past few weeks my housemates and I have been discussing color. We want to coordinate our main room and needed some help. A color vision test was a big help.

Color wheel

 It all started with the “free” advertisement on craigslist.  When we moved in we had no furniture, and started looking there to see what we could find.  

Unfortunately all the couches and sofas available (is there a difference between a couch and sofa?) were BROWN.  And our living room carpet is brown, so we didn’t want an all brown room.

Craigs list free ad

Well, first Peter and I discussed having a color gradient room.  This would be where everything on the ground was brown, and then it moved up to green on the taller furniture, and then by the time you got to the walls, we would have painted everything blue, and the ceiling would have white clouds.  

We even joked that while our other roommate, Austin, was out of town we should construct this master gradient plan, and surprise her when she got back.   This was fun to laugh about, but it just couldn’t happen.

Then one day Peter showed up with a couch, (and we he had been the one to really say “no brown”), and to my surprise, it was brown!  

I jokingly teased him about the brown couch one night and he said it wasn’t brown…it was green.  So we went out to the living room, and took a look at the couch.

green sofa

Now, when we went to take a look, against the carpet, it was clear that this was probably green.  Or at least more greenish than brownish.  But I could have SWORN that this couch was brown!

 I was so confused.  Then a couple months later, I made a mistake about the color of one of Peter’s ties.  At this point I was starting to be a little nervous about my color-vision.

So when my cousin Elizabeth posted a color test on Facebook, I had to do it!  I wanted to see how poor my vision really was!  She said she scored a 28, and that 0 is a perfect score.  To my surprise, when I took the test, I got A PERFCT SCORE.

Online color test

I just laughed and laughed to myself, because I kept thinking about our greenish brownish couch and how my house mates would never believe me!

color vision test

After you take the test they tell you how well you do compared to others in your age range.  The thing that made me really curious was seeing that people got negative scores.  How can you do better than perfect?

Are you curious about your own color vision?  Click here to take the color vision test and find out what it is!  And post your score in the comments section below, I’d love to see what you got!  Good luck!

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