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NC Street Art – Wall Murals, Signs and More

These NC street art ideas are big, bold and colorful. They draw your eye just where the artist wants it – squarely on the art inspired drawings.

NC Street Art
Since I moved to LA, I’ve been seeing street art everywhere (no, seriously, it’s everywhere).  It’s so beautiful, and it makes me think back to some of the street art from home!  I’ve always loved when people can leave their own creative touch on a city, and street art is a gorgeous way to do that.

NC Street Art Ideas

I dabbled a bit in an attempt at some DIY wall art ideas, and then headed outside for some more inspiration.

NC Street Art - Raleigh in a heart

Raleigh was my home for such a long time, and I loved living there.  I was going out to dinner with my parents and some of my extended family from the UK when I saw this downtown on Hillsborough St.  

I jumped out of the car and ran over to take a picture, because whoever made this obviously loves Raleigh just as much as I do!

Five Points wall muralThis art is also in downtown Raleigh, on Glenwood St, at the intersection called Five Points.  There are actually five different roads that meet there, hence the name.  I used to walk past this art all the time, because it’s between the side street I would always park on, and two of my favorite places–Third Place Coffee, and Lilly’s Pizza.

Just a side note on Lilly’s…it is HANDS DOWN the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.  I have tried pizza everywhere I’ve ever gone, and no one can do pizza like Lilly’s can do pizza.  Any time someone asks me for a recommendation in Raleigh, I always say Lilly’s because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Man with red hair wall art

This beauty is on Walker St in Greensboro, right next to UNCG (that’s where I went to university). I love this one, and it’s in such a neat area because it’s in front of NYP (New York Pizza).

Now let me tell you about NYP.  It’s a great little place to grab a beer, and it’s normally decorated with all kinds of street art.  Sitting on the patio area you can see this beautiful piece of street art.  It’s in an area that normally gets art on it, then more art replaces it, so I’m not even sure if it’s still there anymore, but that’s neat too, because it’s always changing.

I just learned that the artist who did this piece’s name is Joey A. Frenette.  The article on my Facebook page and said that he created this as an image of himself for a senior exhibition at Greensboro College.  Great work Joey!

NC street map marker art

I found this last piece of art in downtown Raleigh, with one of my best friends Laura, on one of my last days in Raleigh.  I’d never seen it before, but that’s not surprising.  They’re changing downtown a lot, and really making it a great place to socialize and visit.  This must be one of the new additions!

I love all the art that I’m seeing in LA, but it did make me just a little nostalgic about the art and the memories I’ve left back in NC.  My heart is there with you today and always, NC!!

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  • Andrea

    Hey there,

    I love the pictures. Would you be willing to share where exactly you found the Heart of Raleigh wall? I’m doing some dog sessions and would love to use that. Thanks!!!

    • Jess

      Hi! Thanks so much, there’s so many good pieces of street art all over LA – I’m happy to have found some of it! It’s been so long since these photos were taken that the art might have changed, but I believe the Raleigh wall with the hearts on it was next to a little Indian food place on Hillsboro. The shop has since closed, but I believe it’s at the intersection of Hillsboro and Henderson. It’s a couple of blocks down from Cup A Joe (at Dixie and Hillsboro). If you’re standing on Hillsboro Street looking at the Cup A Joe, turn to the left and pass Nice Price books and go a block or two and it should be on the same side of the street if it’s still there. Let me know if you find it, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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