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Peach Cocktails – Cheers to Some Sinful Peach Drink Recipes

One of the best things about summer is the taste of fresh fruits, and peaches are right up there as a favorite of mine. Today we’ll be adding the flavor of summer to these peach cocktails.  Some of the drinks use the real thing – fresh peaches, and others use peach flavored mixes, but all are sinfully delicious.

Peach mixed drinks

There’s nothing better to unwind from a long day than sipping on a mixed drink with your friends and family.  Everyone has their ‘go-to’ drink that calls their name after a grueling shift at work.  Mine is a dirty martini.  

However, today, I was craving peaches, so I decided to look for all the sinful peach mixed drinks I could find.  I picked 10 of my favorites to share with you all, in the hopes that you will join me (wherever you are) for happy hour!

Peach Bellini
Peach Bellini photo credit: Adapted from Wikimedia Commons

Exploring new cocktail recipes is something that I love to do. We all know about the popular Peach Bellini made with fresh peaches and champagne, but are you ready for a peach cocktail that ventures outside the normal?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a fresh supply of peaches that you just bought at the Farmer’s Market, or if you are playing around with that new bottle of peach schnapps that somehow made it home with you, there is a fun cocktail waiting for you in this list of peach mixed drinks.

These peach cocktails range from a simple and casual peach margarita, to a more elaborate amaretto peach martini that is fancy and complex.  Whichever you like, there is one thing they have in common:  They are all very peachy! 

Well… I’ve gotta run out to the liquor store now… So I’ll end the post here! Cheers friends!


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Looking for something to nibble on while you try one of these peach mixed drinks? Try my peach bruschetta recipe. It’s no bake and perfect for summer.

Admin note: this post first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post with some extra information and more recipes for you to try.

Sinful Peach Mixed Drinks

Peaches are a favorite summer time fruit. Time to add the taste to these peach mixed drinks for a cocktail worthy of the summer heat.

Amaretto, is pretty sweet on its own, so I needed something to add a little extra flavor and something to take down the sweetness a little - peach schnapps. I found the perfect combination, although, a lethal combination.

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Blue Moon beer, peach schnapps and orange juice. Quite easily my new favorite drink for the summer.

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This time it's fresh peaches that lend their heady fragrance and sweet, summery taste to these peach margaritas.

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This easy peach sangria recipe combines two of the sweetest parts of summer: fresh peaches and rosé wine. Seasonal fruit is the star of this cool summer sipper, but the booze makes it just a bit more fun.

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This Peach Bellini Slushies recipe is a frozen take on the classic brunch cocktail! Made in the blender with just 4 ingredients, this easy champagne cocktail is a refreshingly boozy beverage to enjoy all summer.

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Enjoy these frozen peach margaritas with ginger sugar all around the rims. They are a delicious party drink. Fruity and refreshing any time of year…and even more fun during the hot summer days!

Time to get your party on with this cold fruity drink!

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This screwed peach mimosa recipe contain some fun ingredients, like Smirnoff ICE Peach Bellini and Screwdriver, in addition to some peach nectar, orange juice, and sparkling champagne.

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This Frozen Peach Margarita is made with fresh peaches and sweetened with honey… No peach schnapps necessary! The perfect summer margarita looks like sunshine in a glass.

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Frozen Peach White Wine Slushies are an almost effortless cold cocktail. Your favorite fruity wine and juicy frozen peaches are a match made in slushie heaven.

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Sweet Tea Sangria is one of those easy recipes that is so easy to make yet so good that you’ll be making it again and again! Perfect for summer barbecues, brunches or showers.

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