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Bloodstone Meaning – A Comprehensive Guide To Bloodstone Properties

Want to learn about bloodstone properties and uses?   Keep reading for my guide on bloodstone meaning, history, and chakra associations.

Three pieces of bloodstone meaning good health, increased endurance, and energy.

Ancient Bloodstone Meaning

Throughout history Bloodstone has been a talisman of good health, endurance, a long life, and protection. 

There have been many cultures that have attributed at least one Bloodstone meaning to health and protection, which correlates to the properties we still believe Bloodstone to have today.   

The ancient Greeks and Romans encouraged athletes to wear Bloodstone, because it was thought to have increased endurance.  

It was also carried and worn into battle, because it was believed to be a shield of protection against physical harm.  

I am not a doctor or medical care provider and therefore cannot give medical advice.  Consult with your doctor before changing or modifying any health treatments. This information is not meant to replace professional medical advice.
A bloodstone necklace, comprised of several bloodstone cabochons.

Bloodstone And Christianity

In medieval times, ancient people believed that the red spots in Bloodstone were actually the blood of Christ.  In some versions of the story it was thought that the first Bloodstone was created when drops of Christ’s blood fell onto moss, in other versions the blood was thought to have fallen on Jasper.

Since these ancient people thought that the red spots were Christ’s blood, and that made them associate the stone with special healing powers.  It was believed that if Bloodstone were placed on the skin of a person that was hemorrhaging, that Bloodstone would stop the hemorrhage. 

In the middle ages, Bloodstone was known as the Martyr’s Stone, which makes sense since it was widely associated with Christ, who is regarded by Christians as the first (and archetypal) martyr.

To this day, Bloodstone is still a popular choice for Christian jewelry, because of the ancient ties and beliefs around its origin.  Bloodstone jewelry is more than just beautiful, it can be spiritual as well!

A red sun in the sky, symbolizing the linguistic heliotrope meaning.

Heliotrope Stone

The alternate name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope.  The name comes from two ancient Greek words hēlios meaning “sun”, and trópos meaning “turn”. 

It was believed that the stone could turn the rays of the sun red.  It was also thought that if the stone were submerged in water, it could turn the entire sun red.

The name Heliotrope is still used by some to identify the stone today.  However, Bloodstone is by far a more common name for the stone.  

In addition to being an alternate name for Bloodstone, Heliotrope is also the name of a flowering plant, and the hue of pink/purple that is associated with that plant.

Dreamy Moons and Stone oracle cards pertaining to bloodstone meanings.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

As you can probably infer from the name, many of the physical healing properties of Bloodstone relate to blood.  

Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone – it purifies and cleanses the blood by eliminating toxins.  If I need a detoxing stone, I reach for bloodstone.  

It is also effective in treating blood disorders like anemia (the deficiency of health red blood cells).  Bloodstone stimulates the immune system, and fights infection.  

Bloodstone supports healthy blood flow, and therefore is wonderful for improving circulation and boosting metabolism.  Bloodstone also helps lessen inflammation.

It is a great stone for women, because it helps ease menopause.  It also promotes hormonal balance in both women and men.  One of my favorite times to meditate with Bloodstone is during my period, because it lessens my cramps, and makes my period less painful in general.

A single Bloodstone tumble, primarily green with red flecks of iron oxide.

Physical Bloodstone Properties

Bloodstone healing properties extend beyond matters dealing with blood – Bloodstone is also a great stone for vitality in general.

As I mentioned earlier when talking about ancient Bloodstone meanings, the stone was used historically by athletes because it was thought to increase endurance during physical activity.  It is also great for maintaining stamina, and promoting general physical strength.  

It also boosts energy levels, and rids the body of sluggishness.  Bloodstone is a great stone to use when you feel like you need to be re-energized.  When the body is exhausted, Bloodstone is there to help. 

A tumbled bloodstone and an affirmation card reading "I am at home in my body".

Mental Properties Of Bloodstone

In the same way that Bloodstone re-energizes the body, it also revitalizes an exhausted mind.  It calms the mind and takes away confusion.  It also provides mental energy and endurance to move forward confidently to make positive changes. 

It enhances courage and emboldens you to follow your heart and make forward progress in the present moment in all areas of your life.  It is a great stone for overcoming obstacles with strength and determination.

Bloodstone can spark a spirit of adventure because of the boost of confidence and courage the stone’s metaphysical properties provide. 

While you’re moving forward on your adventures, and making forward movement in your life, trust that Bloodstone will keep you on the right path.  It reminds you, with its grounding energy, that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to accomplish.  

Bloodstone also acts as an auric shield of sorts.  Just as ancient warriors took Bloodstone into battles, we should take Bloodstone into our battles today – whether they be physical, or more likely, mental battles.  It’s so important to protect our aura.

It is supportive in times of adversity, and is protective against negative energy, people and situations.  Its steadiness, endurance, and courage combats evil and negative energies and people.  

A box of tumbled bloodstone pieces.

Chakra Association

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to Bloodstone’s chakra association.  Some people say that Bloodstone is associated with the root chakra, while others say it is associated with the heart chakra.

If you look at color in association to the chakras, it could be placed in either.  Bloodstone is typically green chalcedony, flecked with red iron oxide.  Green corresponds to the heart chakra, and red corresponds to the root chakra. 

Some pieces of Bloodstone are more green, and some are more red.  If you feel particularly called to choose the chakra you’d like to work with based on color, look at your Bloodstone and determine which color is more dominant (a more predominantly red Bloodstone might work better on the root chakra, and a more predominantly green Bloodstone might work better over the heart chakra).

As with anything in the metaphysical world, I recommend experimenting and seeing what works best for you.  Every meditation practice is unique, and what works best for one person might not be best for you.  Try placing Bloodstone over each chakra to see which feels best to you.  

I believe that it can be associated with both chakras – but if I had to choose one, it would be the root chakra.  Let me explain the two ways I meditate with Bloodstone for chakra healing.

If you are using Bloodstone for chakra healing, it is a good idea to smudge the stone(s) before use.  This helps the stone perform at its highest potential.

the symbol of the root chakra, also known as the muladhara.

Root Chakra

Bloodstone has a male, or yang energy.  This isn’t to say that Bloodstone can only be used by men, quite the opposite.  Both men and women need yang energy.  In order for your mind and body to be in harmony, both the yin and yang elements must be balanced.

Yang energy is male, powerful, active, physical, outward focused, fiery, and action driven.  Yang is all about taking action and moving forward confidently.  The root chakra (also known as the base chakra) embodies this yang energy.

Bloodstone’s properties correspond to this energy as well, which is why I choose to meditate with it on the root chakra. 

The symbol for the Heart Chakra, also called Anahata.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is associated with the colors green and pink.  Many pieces of bloodstone are more green than red, so it makes sense from a color perspective to meditate with Bloodstone on the heart chakra.

I feel a stronger desire to meditate with Bloodstone on the root chakra because more of its properties correspond to the root chakra than to the heart chakra.

My favorite way to meditate with Bloodstone (to be inclusive of the heart chakra) is to place Bloodstone on the root chakra, and then to place a piece of a loving, yin focused healing crystals (like Kunzite or Rose Quartz) over the heart chakra.  Using multiple stones like this, balances both the yin and yang energies.

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A Bloodstone properties card typed out over a heliotrope stone, describing Bloodstone benefits.

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