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When Is The Best Time To Meditate? – Meditation Time Tips For Beginners

Want to add meditation to your daily routine but wonder “when is the best time to meditate?” Read on to see the pros and cons of each meditation time.

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When Is The Best Time To Meditate, For YOU Specifically?

If you’ve opened this article, it’s because you’re curious about meditation.  Maybe you’re new to meditation, and are looking for a not only the best time to meditate, but also why meditation is important, and how long to meditate.

Maybe you’ve meditated before, but find it hard to maintain a consistent meditation practice.  You might be looking to switch up your meditation time, during the day, to have the most mindful meditation yet.

Maybe you have a demanding work schedule, and are looking for ways to fit meditation in to your life to eases the stresses of the day.  Your work schedule may be fixed or it may change daily.  

If any of these things sounds like you, you’re in the right place.  I’m going to walk you through the best times to meditate and, more importantly, why they are good for meditating.  

So grab your favorite cup of tea, sit back and relax.  I’ve got a lot of info for you in this article geared to help you find the best time to meditate!  

I am not a doctor or medical care provider and therefore cannot give medical advice. Consult with your doctor before changing or modifying any health treatments. This information is not meant to replace professional medical advice.

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The Best Times To Meditate – Pros And Cons

The beautiful thing about meditation is that it’s a unique personal practice.  Every person who sits down to meditate will have a different set of techniques that works best for them.

Unfortunately, that also means that there is not one-size-fits-all answer guide to meditation.  I can’t give you just one answer for the best time to meditate, because it varies for every person. 

However, I can share the pros and cons for each meditation time and some suggestions for why some times may work better than others for you.  There is a best time of the day to meditate for you, and I’d be delighted to help you find it!

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Meditating In The Morning 

Want to start your day off on the right foot?  Meditating in the morning is a great way to start the day with a clear head and a focused mind.  

I have tried meditating at many different times during the day, and meditating in the morning is definitely one of my favorite times to meditate.  

There’s just something so beautiful about waking up and starting the day with mindfulness.  If you’re new to meditation, I’d recommend trying meditating in the morning to see if it works for you.  

I’m a firm believer in creating a solid morning routine because it sets the tone for your entire day.  If you meditate in the morning it starts your day with calm, peace, and clarity.

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Benefits Of Meditating In The Morning 

Finding the best time to meditate has a lot to do with finding a time where you will consistently meditate.  I have found that when I set my meditation time in the morning, I’m much more likely to follow through with it on a regular basis.  The more consistently I meditate, the more I feel the benefits of meditation.

Meditating in the morning makes it a priority.  When you meditate first thing in the morning, you’re choosing to meditate first, ensuring that you will actually do it.     

I find when practicing meditation in the morning it boosts my mood for the rest of the day.  I always feel like I’m starting the day on the right foot when I practice morning meditation.

It’s also convenient.  The great thing about morning meditation is that you’re at home.  Home is generally a quiet place where you feel comfortable.  Feeling comfortable and being in a quiet place always makes meditation easier for me.

You may not have a quiet home space in the morning, and that’s okay!  If you still want to try meditating in the morning, adjusting your wake up time might be helpful.  Waking up before everyone else in your home ensures at least a few minutes of quiet.

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Challenges Of Meditating In The Morning 

Some people find themselves falling asleep during morning meditation.  If you experience this, I suggest showering before meditation to wake yourself up, or even just splashing water on your face.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to really wake from sleep, but I find showering first to be an effective way to become alert and ready for meditation.

Occasionally, people can find it hard to concentrate on meditation first thing in the morning.  Thoughts and concerns about the upcoming day can filter into their morning meditation practice, and it can be hard to focus.  

However, if this is the reason you find morning meditation challenging, I encourage you to keep trying to meditate in the morning.  Focusing on your breathing and meditating can help ease your way through those feelings of anxiety in the morning, and lead to a happier, more mindful day overall.

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How To Meditate In The Morning

Maybe you’re not a morning person, and have tried and tried to get up early with no success.  Do you find yourself pressing snooze until the absolute last minute to spring out of bed?  Don’t fear, there is hope!

Anyone who knew me growing up would be shocked to hear me call myself a morning person.  However now that I wake up earlier, I’m honestly happier than I’ve ever been, because of how it’s changed the flow of my day.

Be gentle with yourself, and know that if you are used to a night-owl schedule, becoming an early bird won’t happen overnight.  However, it definitely can be done!

Getting out of bed and showering first thing in the morning has revolutionized my ability to become a morning person because it really wakes me up.  And once I’m up, well… I’m up!

Find the thing for you that will help you wake up.  Maybe it’s exercising first thing in the morning, and then coming home to meditate.  Maybe you’re like me and just need a quick shower. 

It might only take making your bed to wake up, so you don’t fall back into it.  Maybe you need a cup of coffee and then can dive into your morning meditation.  Whatever it is that wakes you up – do it!

Setting my bed time earlier was another thing that really helped me.  I am the kind of person who needs a full 8 hours of sleep.  I gradually moved up my bed time over the course of a few weeks, and am now able to wake up feeling refreshed at a much earlier time!  

I’ve actually written and entire post on my daily morning routine.  Check it out if you’d like more tips to incorporate meditation into your morning routine, and more tips to wake up feeling refreshed.

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Meditating During Your Lunch Break

Have you tried meditating in the morning and found that it just wasn’t right for you?  Meditating in the middle of the day might be a good option if you find it hard to meditate as soon as you wake up.

The great thing about meditation is that any time you spend meditating is beneficial.  You will feel the benefits even if you can only spare 10 minutes to meditate during your lunch break.

Maybe you work from home, or maybe you work in an office – no matter where you work, there’s always a way to find some time for mindfulness.

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Benefits Of Lunch Break Meditations

Think about your workday, how many times have you felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the time your lunch break rolls around? 

If the answer is more frequently than you would like, it might be a good idea to have a mid-day meditation as a way to refresh your energy and outlook on the day. 

Sometimes all it takes to put yourself at ease and able to handle the stresses of life is just a moment to check in with your breath and tune in to mindfulness.  Meditating on your lunch break is a great way to press a mini mindfulness reset button!

I recommend meditating on your lunch break before eating.  This will boost your awareness, and allow you to be fully in touch with listening to your body.  If you’re listening to your body you’re more likely to make nourishing lunch choices and less likely to eat past the point of satiation.  

Meditating on your lunch break is a great way to let go of any attachments and heavy feelings towards your morning work.  Yes, you may have work that you still need to finish from the morning, but it’s better to resume that work after lunch feeling refreshed and in touch with your own power.

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Challenges of Lunch Break Meditations 

If you work from home, finding a quiet place to meditate during your lunch break is probably easy.  However, if you work outside of the home, it might be harder to find a space to meditate without interruptions or distractions.

You may not feel comfortable to meditate in your work space if it’s out in the open for everyone to see, like if you work in a cubicle or an open workspace.

It might also be challenging to meditate on your lunch break if you have the time constraint of a short lunch break.  A 2019 survey (which includes data from 15,000 employees in 27 countries) reveals that the average lunch break duration is just 35 minutes.

If you have a half an hour (or more!) for lunch, taking 10 minutes to meditate is totally feasible.  However, if you only have a 15 minute lunch break, taking any time at all to meditate might make you feel rushed.

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How To Meditate During Your Lunch Break

If you do decide to meditate during your lunch break, these meditation tips will make it a little easier.  After all, finding time for meditation shouldn’t be stressful!

If you have an office and are able to close the door, do it!  Don’t let your workplace location impede your meditation!  No matter where you work you can find a quiet space to take a few minutes for yourself.   

Maybe you can sneak away to the parking lot and sit in your car for a few minutes to meditate.  Maybe the far stairwell on the east side of the building that no one uses is just waiting to become your new meditation location.  

If you’re grabbing lunch with a coworker, it might be easier to meditate before going to lunch.  If you’re getting takeout, ask them if they can pick up your order for you.  If you’re going to a restaurant, have them grab a table and meet them there 10 minutes late.  

You can still do your meditation and find time to enjoy lunch and bond with co-workers!  It takes a little creativity, and more importantly the ability to advocate for taking time for yourself (which is so important).

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After Work Meditation

If meditating during your lunch hour, or meditating in the early morning are not the best times for you, taking a moment to meditate after work might be the best time of day to practice meditation.

Meditating first thing in the morning and meditating after work are my two favorite times to meditate.  I love meditating after work because it gives me a moment to catch my breath, tune in with mindfulness and come back to my body after the workday.  

The best time to meditate, is the time you can stick to with consistency.  Meditating after work is great because it can easily become part of your routine!

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Benefits Of Meditating After Work

Meditating after work is great because it encourages you to take a moment for yourself.  During work, your time is contracted to someone else, and even at home your time can belong to friends, family and children.  Taking time to meditate between the two ensures a few moments all to yourself.

It also allows you to breathe after what might have been a challenging day at work.  Breathing out the stresses of work is a great way to transition to the next step of your day.

Sometimes I even take a few minutes to meditate right after I’ve completed a large task at work.  For me, it helps mark the completion of tasks and allow me to move forward without hanging on to any attachment to the last project.

Meditating after work is great because it encourages you to be more present with the people you see after work.  Being present with yourself and leaving the workday behind allows time and space for mindful interactions with your family and friends.

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Challenges Of Meditating After Work

Sometimes meditating after work can be challenging if you have a busy schedule (hurrying to meet a friend for happy hour, rushing home to cook dinner on time, etc).  

However, if this is the reason you find meditating after work challenging I would encourage you even more strongly to make time for meditation during this time frame.  Taking a few moments to re-center will allow you to navigate through these time constraints with ease and grace.

Meditating at night, after work, can be tricky to do with consistency unless you set a specific time and place to do it every day (for example; at work, in your car before you leave work, immediately when you get home).  

If you give this time frame consistency, I think you’ll be surprised to see what a positive impact this after work meditation time has on your day.

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How To Meditate After Work

Meditating after work may actually have the most variety, for ways to create a routine, as compared to any of the other meditation times.  

You can meditate at your desk as soon as you’re done with work.  This will allow you to leave work at work, and walk out of the door mindfully towards the rest of your evening.

If you drive home from work, and don’t feel comfortable meditating at your desk, you can take a few moments sitting in your car before you leave the parking lot.  Please do not try to meditate while driving, you attention needs to be on the road!

If you commute to work using public transportation (like on a subway or bus) you can sit quietly in your seat and take some time to meditate on your ride home. 

I’ve tried this before and don’t always feel comfortable to close my eyes around people I don’t know, so I sit with my eyes resting in a soft focus.  Be aware your surroundings and do what feels safe for you.

My favorite way to meditate after work is to go to my meditation corner as soon as I get home and take some time for myself.  It can be tempting to do other things as soon as you get home, but I find I’m most relaxed for the rest of the night if I meditate as soon as I get home.

Your partner, children, or roommates may want your attention as soon as you enter your home but if you take the time to re-center yourself, I’m sure they will appreciate you being more present with them after meditation time.

If you find it challenging to meditate at home with others around, you could take a few moments in your car before you enter the house to meditate. 

You could even stop at a quiet spot on your way home (your favorite park, a botanical or rose garden on your route, etc) to get in some meditation minutes before you walk in the door.

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Meditating At Night

We have already talked about meditating right after work in the section above, so for the purpose of this night meditation section, I’ll be referring to meditating later at night.  This includes meditating after dinner, and meditating right before bed.  

You might find it easier to meditate at night than other times of the day, if you find yourself normally rushing in the morning and running out of time to meditate.  

I used to meditate at night (or at least the late afternoon) when I worked nights.  It always felt nice to re-center my energy before heading in to work.

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Benefits Of Meditating At Night

One benefit to both meditating in the morning and meditating at night is that you’re most likely in your home during those times.  I find it more convenient to meditate when I’m at home than when I’m out and about.

Incorporating meditation at night might be the best time to meditate if you have an irregular schedule (something outside of a 9-5 job).  If you work the graveyard shift, or even just work during the evenings, meditating at night might fit into your life better.

If you choose to meditate at night, you can set a nice mood by lighting candles during for your meditation.  I always find meditating by candlelight soothing and relaxing!

Meditating at night is a good option if you normally meditate at some point throughout the day, but happen to have missed your meditation time.  

I recommend meditating at the same time each day in order to build the routine.  However, sometimes it isn’t possible, and it’s much more preferable to mediate at night than to not meditate at all!

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Challenges Of Meditating At Night

Some people find it hard to stay awake when meditating at night, especially if they choose to meditate close to bed time.  Depending on how late it is, your body might confuse quieting your energy for meditation with quieting your system to go to sleep for the night.

If you find this challenging, you can try washing your face before meditation.  Sometimes the act of splashing water on your face can be reenergizing and keep you awake.

You can also move your meditation time a little earlier.  You can still practice meditating at night, but by adjusting the time to be little earlier, you might find it easier to stay awake.

Another challenge of practicing meditation before bed can be that it always, somehow, seems to ends up being too late to meditate.  If you leave meditation until the end of the day, sometimes things keep getting in the way, and you end up not following through with the meditation.

I prefer not to meditate at night unless it is with a guided meditation directly aimed at being a sleep meditation (a meditation designed to be done as you fall asleep).

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How To Meditate At Night

As I mentioned above, sleep meditations are my absolute favorite way to meditate at night.  You can find them on youtube, or through meditation apps, and just let it play as you’re drifting off to sleep.

I do like to do this type of meditation in addition to my daily meditation.  I find that I sleep better if I listen to one.   However, I don’t find that it enhances my ability to be mindful during the day.   I end up sleeping through most of it, instead of mindfully listening to it and then continuing on with my day.

If you are going to meditate at night, I recommend doing it a few hours before bed, so you don’t risk getting sleepy and sleeping through your entire meditation time.  

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Meditating As Needed

Instead of (or preferably in addition to) meditating at a specific time every day, you can also meditate on an “as needed” basis.  For example, practicing meditation as needed if you are experiencing great stress, or mental clutter.

I recommend meditating at a specific time each day, in order to get into the habit of meditating and building a reliable meditation practice. 

Doing this allows you to become more in touch with your thoughts and yourself, so that when stressful moments pop up you’re already in a better place to respond to them mindfully.  

However, if you are experiencing stress, and feel anxiety and worry creep in, meditating during these times can help you come back to your center.  It will encourage you to respond to the situation mindfully instead of merely reacting to the stressor.

I like to do these mini “as needed” meditation sessions when my mind gets caught up in the story behind my thoughts (the idea of them instead of the reality of the moment).

If I’m in a situation where I can’t sit down to do a full meditation, even just taking 10 mindful breaths can be extremely helpful to return to the moment.

I also like to incorporate some sort of meditation into my Sunday night routine, because I feel like it sets up my entire week for success.

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What Are You Prioritizing?

One thing that comes up when I talk to people about meditation is that there isn’t enough time to meditate.  Hopefully with this guide you’ve found a few ways to add a little meditation time into your life!

Remember that meditation doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment, even 5-10 minutes of meditation can be beneficial!

There really is time to get everything done that you desire, but sometimes it means prioritizing your tasks.  Ask yourself what you’re prioritizing in your life!

Making a routine where you do meditation consistently can seem daunting at first, but once you get used to it, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a non-negotiable part of your daily life!

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Types Of Meditation

Ok, so you’ve read through all the pros and cons of the different times to meditate.  You may not know which one is your ideal time for meditation yet, so I suggest trying them all to see!  I would give each meditation time at least a week’s worth of time to see if it’s right for you.   

If you’re new to meditation I’d suggest starting with a guided meditation.  There are so many different free apps for meditation, and meditation you tube videos too!  It’s an easy way to become introduced to meditation.

There’s also dedicated meditation centers if you prefer to meditate with a group.  Think of a yoga studio, with different times and classes – meditation studios are just like that!  

If you prefer not to go into a classroom setting or use a guided meditation, you can just set a timer for 10 minutes or so and focus on your breathing.  There is no wrong way to meditate.  

Even during a challenging mindfulness meditation, there are lessons to be learned!  The only wrong meditation is the one you don’t do!

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Meditating With Crystals

One of my favorite ways to meditate is with crystals.  Everything from choosing the crystal I want to use during meditation, to the act of sitting with it in my hands and focusing on its energy is soothing to me. 

Sometimes I pick a crystal due to it’s healing properties, but more often than not I sit in front of my crystal shelf, take a few deep breaths and choose the crystal that is calling out to me in that moment.  

You can also pick your crystal due to its corresponding Chakra.  Listen to your intuition and it will help you choose the crystal that is perfect for you in that particular moment.  Trust yourself, you’re doing great!

There are crystals that resonate with absolutely anything you could possibly want to call in to your meditation.  Wanting to call some love into your life?  Try meditating with Rose Quartz.  Looking to boost your endurance, stamina and physical health?  Try meditating with Bloodstone.

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What Is The Best Time To Meditate 

Hopefully after reading this article you have some clarity surrounding the question “what is the best time to meditate”.  Be gentle with yourself, meditating is full of loving energy and shouldn’t be a stressful process.

I can’t tell you the best time to meditate, because it really is different for everyone.  However, I have faith that you will find the best time of day to meditate for you.

Just remember that while the answer for to when to meditate varies for everyone, one thing remains constant.  Meditation is beneficial for everyone – so many people find solace in the act of meditating. 

Take a deep breath, you can do this!  Please let me know if you have any more questions about finding a time of day to meditate in the comments – I’d love to help! 

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