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How Long To Steep Tea – Get the Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time!

Have you ever been confused about how long to steep tea? You’re not alone! With this guide you can steep the perfect cup of tea every time.

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I love tea!  My dad is from England, so it’s practically in my DNA to enjoy a good cuppa! But you don’t have to be from the UK to enjoy all the wonderful teas the world has to offer.  

There’s so many different varieties.  Some have caffeine and some don’t, and some are sweet and fruity while others are dark and strong!

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I realized just how much tea I owned when I pulled it out to put it on the table (and this isn’t even including the loose leaf tea I have!).  And wow is it a lot!  I love having tea all the time!  

In the morning I like black tea and at night I prefer herbal.  Any time a friend comes over I open up my tea cabinet and offer a cup.  Yep, you read that correctly… I have an entire cabinet of tea!

Two of my favorites are Earl Grey and chamomile (which is why they’re missing from the picture – I drank them all!).

How long to steep tea

How long to steep tea

For the longest time, I just boiled water in my kettle and poured it in my cup and drank it as soon as I could.  But as I drank more tea I became fascinated with getting the best flavor out of it.  

I did some research and in the image above are what I’ve found to be the best temperature and time for steeping the perfect cup of tea for each different variety of tea.  When I first looked at these temperatures I wondered how to calculate them.  

Do I need to carry around a thermometer??  Then I remembered that boiling is 212° F, so most of these temperatures can be achieved by cooling for just a minute or two after the water boils before pouring on the tea bag.  

It’s not good to pour water on the tea leaves if it’s too hot because it will burn the them and make the tea bitter.

packages of tea

So now that you know how to steep tea, or rather, how to steep the perfect cup of tea, I’d love to share with you a new tea invention I’ve been testing out to store my teas.

Teabook and cup of tea

This look like a journal but it’s actually a teabook!   It’s a binder filled with slots for tea pouches – 144 tea pouches to be exact!  It comes in 5 colors and the brown one is my favorite!  

The Teabook was designed to help tidy up and revolutionize the way people store tea.  I got one recently and I’m 100% on board!  What did I ever do without you, teabook?

It has saved so much space in my tea cabinet.  I don’t even need a full cabinet anymore, just a sliver of space to put this book!  It’s light (less than 2 lbs even when it’s full) and contains no animal products of any kind (which I’m all for!).

packages of tea

It works sort of like a CD case.  You just slide the teas in their pouches, and can flip between the pages of tea.  I put all of my teabags in the book, and I still have space to get more!  

This book is really going to help when I have guests over.  I won’t have to peek in my cabinet and read off all my teas, I can just hand them this book and they can pick one!

teabook teapot and packages of tea

And if you’re looking for an easy way to brew your loose leaf tea, check out my post on unconventional uses for a french press.

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