110 Tips to Improve Monday Morning
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10 Tips to Improve Monday Morning That You Can Do On Sunday Night

Now, I understand that Monday isn’t going to be your favorite day, no matter how many life hacks you try, but here are 10 tips to improve Monday morning that you can do on Sunday night.  It may not be your favorite day, but it can at least be a good day!

10 tips to improve Monday morning

Let’s be honest, if you asked everyone in the world what their favorite day was, I’m sure NO ONE would say Monday.  It’s the day you dread, because it means the end of weekend playtime and adventures and the beginning of a grueling week of work.  

10 Tips to Improve Monday Morning that You Can Do on Sunday Night

The key words there are Sunday night.  These are all tips that will set you up for success if you do them before the week begins! 🙂

Clean apartment

1. Tidy up your apartment.  

This is crucial!  If your apartment looks like a tornado relief site I guarantee you that you’ll be more stressed come Monday morning than you would be if everything was put away.  You’ll spend less time Monday morning searching for things because everything is in it’s place.  

What does this trick give you? This means you can sleep in longer.  More sleep?  That’s a no brainer!

coffee beans and cup

2. Stop drinking caffeine so late in the day.  

Caffeine is a big one.  It takes about 4-6 hours for the effects of caffeine to leave your body.  If you’re all hopped up on  coffee when you’re trying to go to sleep, your sleep won’t be as restful and you’ll wake up feeling sluggish on Monday instead of refreshed.

basket of fresh vegetables

3.  Make your lunches for the week.  

This is good on so many levels.  If you make lunch ahead of time, you’re saving time in the morning, meaning that you can sleep in longer (see a trend here?).  

Doing this also gives you time to make a healthy plan for the week.  Feeding your body right is a good way to maintain happiness, not just on Monday, but all week long!

clean kitchen sink

4.  Do all the dishes BEFORE you go to bed. 

There is nothing worse in the morning than having to wash dirty dishes just to be able to make your breakfast.  Walking into a dirty kitchen is so stressful, and since you’ve made all your lunches for the week you’re definitely going to have dirty dishes.  

Take a few minutes to clean them up to set your Monday morning up for success!

Girl in a plaid coat

5. Pick out your outfit for Monday.  

This one might sound silly?  Can’t you just do it in the morning? …Of course, BUT if you pick out a really nice outfit that you like and style it with some cute accessories you’re going to thank yourself come Monday morning. 

If you look good throughout the day, you’ll feel good!  Plus, I’m sure people are going to compliment your fashionista style, and that will add a little joy to your Monday as well!

10 tips to improve Monday morning Make lists!

6.  Make a To-Do list.  

If you have a plan for the week, starting your tasks on Monday will seem MUCH less daunting.  You’ll have a plan and know what to do first.  I’m such an advocate of “work smarter, not harder”.  A little planning goes a long way!

make up brushes

7. For goodness sake, wash off your makeup.

I know we are all guilty of this one (myself included), being tired, and a liiiiiiiiittle bit lazy and not wanting to wash off our makeup.  I can’t even express how important this is.  

You only get one body, you’ll thank yourself in 20 years if you treat your skin kindly!  This is also the point where I will mention Use a great  moisturizer. A clean and hydrated face is a happy face!

10 tips to improve Monday morning - power off electronics

8. Power off your electronics.  

I love watching Netflix, checking my email, browsing the web and texting on my phone as much as the next person else does, but try to do those things earlier in the day.  If you’re texting/emailing/Netflixing right up until you go to bed you’re sending your brain signals to stay awake.  

The brights screens are engaging your mind, and the multitasking if keeping it active.  If you power down before you go to bed you’ll be able to fall asleep faster, and have a more restful night – leaving your more refreshed on Monday!

books on a bookcase

9. Read!  

Take a few minutes to read a couple chapters in a book, or a magazine.  The statistics of people not reading lately are just sad!  

Add this relaxing activity to your Sunday night routine and I guarantee you’ll start feeling sleep when you start reading!  Plus you’ll be exercising your brain in the right way!

Spa scene with flowers

10.  Journal and meditate. 

This is where you can wipe the slate clean for the coming week.  Journaling with positivity is really key here.  

If you’re open to writing all the positive things you want to achieve and your hopes for the coming week you’ll be putting yourself in a better frame of mind.  Focusing on positive energy breeds more positive energy!  

The main reason I have this as the last tip for improving Monday morning is because if this is the last thing you do before you sleep, you’ll be dreaming positively and wake up in a better place than if you were stressing about things.  The key to a good week is putting the energy out that you want to have for the week!  Trust me, it works.

Check out my list of 10 tips to improve Monday morning

I hope you have enjoyed reading my 10 tips to improve Monday morning, and will be using them this week to set yourself up for success!  If you have any other tips please leave them in the comments section, I’d love to hear your advice!  Have a great Monday!  If you liked this article you might also enjoy my article about 15 Ways to be Organized in 15 Minutes or Less.

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