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Hiking Griffith

Now that it’s getting to finally start to be summer, I’m 100% motivated to get back on the work out train.  I am SO lucky to be in LA where there are great hikes all over the place.  Today is the day for hiking Griffith!

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to get exercise. I love hiking Griffith Park because there are so many trails (and difficulty levels) to choose from! Check out my latest hike at

Hiking Griffith

Location: Los Feliz, California – Date: June 16, 2016

Outfit details:  Yelete Yoga Pants c/o, Old Navy Sweater, Asics Shoes, Custom American Apparel Top, Sports Bra , Camelbak Water Bottle.

Mountains and hills with trees and brush.


Getting geared up for Hiking Griffith

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym to lift weights, but there’s something that I just like better about doing cardio outside.  

It’s nice to get some fresh air while exercising, and I love going outside because it encourages me to bring a friend!  This time I brought Jen (you might remember her from the photos she took for this b&w outfit, or our night at the ballet) and did a fun (read, easy) hike and snapped some photos along the way.

Girl in workout clothes hiking outside.

For our hike I grabbed my water bottle, put on my running shoes (I have really bad knees and SWEAR by my Asics), a tank top from my old job, a running sweater and my super comfy new  yoga pants.  

I thought a great way to test out the new pants would be to take them hiking!  I’ve been lounging around in them for weeks… but I figured since they are yoga pants I should do something active with them – hence this hike!  

They definitely passed my test, they’re super comfy for lounging or hiking!

An overhead shot featuring a water bottle and shoes.

For our hike, Jen and I took the trail that goes up to the observatory.  This trail is nice because the incline is gradual and doesn’t kill you if you’re just getting back into your workout routine for the summer.

A girl standing on a hiking trail in front of the Griffith Observatory.

A girl tying a sweater around her waist on a hiking trail.

The Griffith Observatory on top of a mountain surrounded by trees.

You can see the observatory off in the distance there!  These photos really don’t do it justice – it’s so pretty to look at on the way up the trail.  Sometimes the path winds around so you lose sight of it, but the next time you see it, it’s even bigger than before!

A girl standing on a hiking trail in front of the hollywood sign.

We took a little pause for photos mid way up the trail because you can see the Hollywood sign!  There’s another hike that takes you right up behind it, which is so cool.  I’ll be sure to photograph that later, but that trail is different than the one we did.

A brunette girl on a mountain with the Hollywood sign in the distance.

A girl standing on a mountain in workout clothes.

I know I live here now, and should be used to seeing the Hollywood sign, but I don’t know if I ever will be!  I still love stopping in front of it for a good photo or two.  

A girl on a hiking trail with her arms spread out wide!

A girl on a hiking trail looking out at the city.

We hiked up on a pretty overcast day, which in my opinion is the best day to go.  It’s nice to be able to get a late start and not be super hot!  

It’s also nice to go on a day after it has rained because the rain clears out some of the pollution and you can see a little more of the city.  It had sprinkled a little the day before this hike, so we had a pretty nice view!

An empty hiking trail, flanked by trees.

One thing I always forget when I go hiking is just how brown everything is.  In North Carolina, this would all be green, because we get so much more rain there!  

I suppose the silver lining is that since it doesn’t rain as much here this trail is a dirt path and not a mud path.  lol 

Shrubs and brush on the side of the mountain with a cactus in the center.

There are so many differences hiking here.  For instance, you wouldn’t see a cactus while hiking in NC.

A small snake hiding in the bushes.

We did end up seeing a little tiny snake though!  He was such a little guy (up at the top of the photo in the bushes) and everyone wanted to stop and take a peek.  It took me forever to find him!

A girl sitting on a rock drinking water.

After we had hiked a while (and had seen the snake) we decide to turn around and head back down.  There’s an area with a bunch of rocks and picnic tables so we stopped there for a little bit to sip some water before we went back.

A girl sitting in a grouping of rocks, resting from a hike.


A selfie of a brunette girl in workout clothes.

After we chatted a while I took a post-hiking-selfie and we headed back to the car.

A paved path with large trees on either side.The path back to the cars is probably the most green part of the hike!  There’s a sidewalk that is shaded by tons of trees and there’s even a large patch of grass between the road and the path.

A photo of pink leggings, tennis shoes and a purple water bottle from above.

All in all, today was a great hike!  It was so nice to go with Jen and have some girl time.  It was an added bonus that it was so cloudy so that we were pretty comfortable temperature wise the entire time!  

I can’t wait to share more of the hikes LA has to offer in future posts.  Stay tuned!

Do you have a favorite hiking path?  Let me know in the comments – I’ll be sure to check it out!

A sweater, workout top, sports bra, and workout leggings folded on the floor.

Outfit details: Yelete Yoga Pants c/o, Old Navy Sweater, Asics Running Shoes, Custom American Apparel Top, Sports Bra, Camelbak Water Bottle.

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