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  • Do you love cooking with fresh veggies but think they're a pain to prepare? Check out my article talking about 5 ways to make chopping veggies easier!
    Good to Know

    5 Ways To Make Chopping Veggies Easier

    I love cooking with fresh veggies but sometimes they’re a pain in the butt to prepare.  I’ll be honest!  I really I wish I had a magical fairy godmother that would come and wave her magic wand and make the time consuming…

  • Have you ever wondered if you can use your french press for more than coffee? Well good news, here's an article with 10 uses for your french press!
    Good to Know

    10 Uses For Your French Press

    Don’t you hate kitchen appliances that are only good for one thing?  I definitely do.  I live in an apartment with a very small kitchen, so the more ways I can use an appliance, the better!  I was recently given…

  • Check out my list of 10 tips to improve Monday morning. Following these tips on Sunday night will make your entire week brighter!
    Good to Know

    10 Tips to Improve Monday Morning

    Let’s be honest, if you asked everyone in the world what their favorite day was, I’m sure NO ONE would say Monday.  It’s the day you dread, because it means the end of weekend playtime and adventures and the beginning…

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Jess Explains It All
    Good to Know,  Inspiration

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    I moved to LA to pursue acting, and the first step in that for me was getting settled, so that I had my feet solidly on the ground before I started running.  I’ve been in LA for about two months…

  • Outdoor Party Tips - Jess Explains It All
    Good to Know,  Home/DIY

    Outdoor Party Tips

    As the chilly fall weather is quickly approaching, I know a lot of people who are trying to get one last get-together in before winter hits.  I love entertaining, and am always looking for new tips to be a great…

  • Good to Know

    Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

    I’ve been hearing everywhere that there is a lunar eclipse tonight (October 18, 2013), and that I should be looking out for it!  But what is a lunar eclipse?  Well very simply, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon falls into…

  • Grapefruit and Drugs, a Dangerous Combination - Jess Explains It All
    Good to Know

    Grapefruit and Drugs, A Dangerous Combination

    Before today, I’d never heard anyone say anything negative about grapefruits…well, other than maybe that they’re a little tangy. But dangerous? I’d never heard that. Good thing I started doing my own research! Grapefruits are supposed to be good for…

  • How Well Do You See Color - Jess Explains It All 
    Good to Know

    How Well Do You See Color?

    So, for the past few weeks my housemates and I have been discussing color.  It all started with the “free” section on craigslist.  When we moved in we had no furniture, and started looking there to see what we could…